Gotham Candidate Forum: Power C

Gotham Candidate Forum: Power C

Players in Power C will be voting from October 6, 2019 through 5 PM on October 9, 2019 to elect a new Power Class Representative to the Training Leadership Group. If you play in Power C and have and do not receive a ballot after 1 PM on October 6, please e-mail [email protected]

Below, please find the candidate profile of the candidates for Power C Representative:  Donna Kong and Pierce Vo

Donna Kong

Donna has participated in Gotham for more than 5 years.

Q: Please describe your prior Gotham volunteer and/or leadership experience, if any.

A:My name is Donna Kong and it has been a privilege to be the Power C Class Assistant for the past seasons. While learning so much in my past Power C and D training courses, I have also benefited from my wonderful coaches and their consistent support. Many of my coaches have been a great resource on and off the court and have helped to further my love of the game. And all of the participants in the Power classes over the seasons have made my “job” easy and have contributed to making our sessions both competitive and fun. I truly feel that I have met some of the nicest people in the Power program. In summary, my Gotham experiences and interaction with the community have been extremely positive. I would like to continue to give back in a small way by serving as the Power C Representative. I believe I am detail-oriented, responsible and approachable. Helping the coaches overall as well as all of my classmates is my goal while creating a welcoming and supportive class environment. If I am re-elected to the position, I will do my very best to serve Gotham and represent my classmates as best as possible!

Pierce Vo

Pierce has participated in Gotham for more than 5 years.

Q: Please describe your prior Gotham volunteer and/or leadership experience, if any.

A:I’ve been a Power Rep since Spring 2015, when I began in Power F (yes, that was a thing…a great thing).  You will probably recognize me from most tryouts checking you in or in the tryout gym keeping things orderly and the mood light.  I strive to make newcomers and Gotham vets alike feel comfortable in a potentially stressful environment.

I’ve been a Gotham volunteer coach for the past couple of years.  Power has given me a natural way to give back to newcomers who are as green as I was.

I was recently presented with a Gotham Leadership Award for my work and passion within Gotham and the Power program.

Q: Why are you interested in a Gotham leadership position?

A: Power has been a part of my Gotham experience since the moment I joined the league.  I credit Power and its coaches for my development and successes as a volleyball player, joining Gotham with wide eyes and no skill.  Being a Power Rep has been my way of giving back to this training community.

It is my belief that a Power Rep should be more than just an admin.  Power Reps need to take an active role in helping develop the program.  Not only relaying player feedback, but finding solutions for all players.  My hope is that I can continue to help make Power even better.

Q: What qualities would you bring as a Gotham Leader and, in particular, to the position you are running for?

I’ve been a proactive Power Rep, offering my thoughts on how the Training group can make the program better.  Upon my suggestion, the Training group now meets more often.  This new meeting schedule gives the group consistent opportunities to debate new ideas and player feedback, while also becoming a more cohesive group of leaders to help guide the program forward.

Also, my close attention to detail has helped Gotham on a couple of occasions. In one instance, I noticed that Powers C & D fell on a day we didn’t have a permit for.  The group was able to avoid a situation where 2 programs would have gone to a school that was closed and instead we found a solution where Power didn’t have to be cancelled.

Q: What do you wish to accomplish if elected?

As we have moved to a shorter Power season, I don’t believe that should mean less training.  I will advocate for more specialized clinics during training downtimes.

I’d also like to work with the Operations group to find storage solutions for gyms relating to Power.  Since Power has specialized equipment needs, I want to help find ways to protect Power’s assets.

As your Power Rep, I will be your cheerleader on and off the court.  During class, I hope my drive and positivity will motivate you to work to your potential.  On the Board, I will continue to work for your and all Power players interests.

If you’ve made it this far: I’m a really huge fan of Tom Holland.

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