Each year, the Gotham Volleyball Board of Directors forms Committees consisting of Gotham Leaders and members to focus on specific aspects of Gotham’s operations. If you have questions, email the respective Committee Chair linked below.

Elections and Nominations Committee

Kyle Williams, Chair (President, ex-officio)
Joe Mignano
Lew Smith
Eric Eichenholtz
Anthony Fontanello
Jason Calomadre
Keith Myers

Finance Committee

Andre Carneiro, Chair (Treasurer, ex-officio)
Joshua Christensen
Jonathan Cordero
Nate Skaggs
Davis Mills

Grievance Committee

Eric Eichenholtz, Chair (Acting Grievance Officer)
Patrick So
Hunter Schneider
Michael Castro

Facilities & Operations Committee

Joe Mignano, Chair
Patrick So
Andrew Dowdye
Alex Deng
Barbara Waginski
Luis Sanchez

Communications Committee

Greg Rubin, Chair
Tom Hornberger
Ilker Hepkaner
Hunter Schneider

Governance Committee


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