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New Year, New Rules for Tournaments and Open Plays

Happy New Year!  As we begin 2018, take a moment to review our new rules for our Tournaments and Open Play programs that are going into effect in the Spring 2018 season.  Not too much has changed on the Open Play side, but with Friendship Tournaments, you’ll see a number of changes; including a new “one up, one down” rule, an additional week to register, and team eligibility exceptions, just to name a few.  You’ll also see new names for the different levels on both the Tournaments and Open Play sides.  Click the link below for details.

Spring 2018 Tournaments & Open Play Eligibility

We’ve also expanded and revised the eligibility rules for our Spring Fling tournament in May.  Check out the changes here!

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Gotham Website Update

We’ve recently upgraded the security on our website.  If you haven’t already done so, we ask that you change your password.  To do that, click on the “Forgot Password” link and use the temporary password you receive.  Then, once you log in, click on the “Change Password” link on your account page to change the password to whatever you like.

The other unexpected issues we had with this upgrade, like issues logging in even after changing passwords, have been fixed.

If you have any other questions or issues, please e-mail us via the Contact Us page.

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