Q: I just want to play volleyball now. What do you have available?

A: Navigate to Tournaments & Open Play page for programs offered year-round. Our season-long programs only accept players around Aug, Jan, and Jun and can be found in our Upcoming Season page.

Q: Can you explain all the activities available?

A: Read this page outlining our programs. We offer season-long Division Play and Training, in addition to lots of “one-off” volleyball like Tournaments, Open Plays and Clinics.

Q: I’m ready to register but I’m not sure about the levels. Can you help me choose?

A: If you’ve never played Gotham or NAGVA, it can be hard to place you in a level by exchanging emails. Read this page, which offers a few guidelines. After that, register for the level that seems right. Our onsite volunteer will help you determine the best level going forward.

Q: I don’t understand how tryouts work. Can you help?

A: We use tryouts to form teams in Division Play and classes in Individual Power and Team Power. If the process seems daunting, don’t worry! Focus on filling out your registration accurately and showing up on time. Our very helpful volunteers will walk you through the rest. More info here.

Q: I’ve never played before. Where should I start?

A: Our best offer for brand new players is PowerPlay since it combines formal training with the fun of being on your first volleyball team. Registration is open twice a year, around Sep and Feb, and no tryouts are required. Spots sell out fast!

Q: When does the next season start?

A: We work with our partner schools to set tryout dates and season start dates, so they tend to vary quite a bit. The best way to hear the dates firsthand is by registering for our newsletter. We post what we know in our Upcoming Season page.

If you have more questions, email [email protected]. We’re volunteers and sometimes email volume is high so please read all the info on the website before emailing!

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