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Division PlayLeagueFall, Spring, SummerYesIndividual
Individual PowerTrainingFall, SpringVariesIndividual
Team PowerTrainingFall, SpringYesTeam
PowerPlayTraining + LeagueFall, SpringNoIndividual
Open PlayPick-upYear-roundNoIndividual

Our seasons don’t have fixed start dates but are typically as follows:

  • Fall season: Aug-Dec
  • Spring season: Jan-May
  • Summer season: Jun-Jul

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Division Play

Division Play is our organized league play program.

During our 10-week Fall and Spring we offer all levels, Division 1 through Division 11. Each Division plays on a consistent weekly schedule. The season typically concludes with a one-day End of Season Tournament and a Gotham-wide End of Season Party.

Divisions 1, 2Thursdays 7-11PM
Divisions 3, 4Wednesdays 7-11PM
Divisions 5, 6, 9Saturdays 1-5PM
Divisions 7, 8, 10Saturdays 5-9PM
Division 11Saturdays 10AM-1PM

Each Division has 6-8 teams, each with 8-10 players. All players register individually and teams are formed with a tryout and draft system. That means that captains are elected among previous season players; captains, in turn, select their teams for the upcoming season by watching players at a tryout session.

During the Summer, Gotham offers a shorter season with fewer Divisions, aimed at those who played Divisions 7-11 in the Spring.


Gotham has Training offering at all levels, where you can improve your volleyball skills as an individual or as a team. The below chart details our offerings for Spring 2024.

Power ClassLevelTryoutRegistrationScheduleNet Height
Power AAdvancedYesIndividualSaturdays 10:00AM-1:00PMMen’s
Power BHigh IntermediateYesIndividualSundays 5:30PM-8:30PMMen’s
Power CIntermediateYesIndividualSundays 4:00PM-7:00PMMen’s
Power DLow IntermediateYesIndividualSundays 5:00PM-8:00PMMen’s
Power EHigh BeginnerYesIndividualSundays 5:00PM-8:00PMMen’s
Power FBeginnerNoIndividualSundays 12:30PM-3:30PMMen’s
Power WAdvancedYesIndividualTuesdays 6:30PM-9:30PMWomen’s
Power W2IntermediateYesIndividualMondays 6:30PM-9:30PMWomen’s
Power W3BeginnerYesIndividualTuesdays 6:30PM-9:30PMWomen’s
PowerPlayBeginnerNoIndividualSundays 2:00PM-5:00PMMen’s
Team Power 1Advanced (BB)YesTeamMondays 7:45PM-10:45PMMen’s
Team Power 2High Intermediate (B)YesTeamMondays 7:45PM-10:45PMMen’s
ClinicsVariesNoIndividualMondays 6:30PM-9:30PMBoth
DrillsVariesNoIndividualSundays 9:30AM-12:30PM
Sundays 4:00PM-7:00PM

Individual Power

Individual Power features weekly, coached 3-hour sessions. Each session covers warm-up, stretching, and drills of increasing complexity that culminate in volleyball scrimmage. Over the 10-week season, classes progress by including more skills as players solidify the basics. The chart below details the require proficiencies in each class for tryouts.

ClassLevelNAGVA EquivalentSystems of Skills RequirementsBasic Skill Requirements
Power AAdvancedNAGVA A/BBProficient 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 90%
Power BHigh IntermediateNAGVA BB/BProficient 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 80%
Power CIntermediateNAGVA BProficient 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 70%
Power DLow IntermediateN/AExperienced 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 60%
Power EHigh BeginnerN/ANo Experience 6-2/5-1, Experienced 4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 50%
Power FBeginnerN/ANone RequiredNone Required
Power WAdvancedN/AProficient 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 90%
Power W2IntermediateN/AExperienced 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 60%
Power W3BeginnerN/ANone RequiredNone Required

Team Power

Team Power is aimed at teams who participate in competitions, e.g., NAGVA tournaments. You register and practice with your own team for the season.


PowerPlay is our special program for those new to the sport. It combines the coaching style of Individual Power with the experience of being in a league. The first 2-3 weeks are an introduction to the fundamentals of volleyball, after which players are divided into teams. Each subsequent class starts with coaching and drills before moving on to league matches.


Clinics are a coached one-time or series of classes aimed at specific skill sets with the intent to solidify fundamentals and to learn new skills.

Power Drills

Power Drills is a new concept as of Spring 2024, which are uncoached (Gotham Leader Lead) one-time sessions aimed at specific skill sets with the intent to maximize touches and to give players the opportunity to apply what their coaches have been coaching them.

Open Play

Open Play events are the easiest way to experience Gotham: you register, pay, and come play. They are also a great way to start playing with us if you found us mid-season.

Players must meet certain eligibility requirements to play at specific levels. You can find the latest eligibility structure here.


Gotham offers various tournament formats throughout the year.

Friendship Tournaments are half-day events you can register for a team you’ve made in advance. They consist of round robin play, with no brackets or elimination. It’s just for fun!

Tournament LevelNAGVA RatingGotham DivisionGotham Training
AdvancedBB, A, AADivisions 1-2Power A
High IntermediateDivisions 3-6Power B
IntermediateDivisions 7-9Power C, D
NoviceDivisions 10-11Power E, Power F, PowerPlay

For those looking for more competition, Gotham runs up to 5 yearly tournaments.

Big AppleNAGVA sanctionedFall
Golden AppleNAGVA sanctioned mastersSpring
Green AppleFor beginnersFall
Spring FlingFor beginnersSpring
Fire IslandBeachSummer
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