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Gotham offers a number of season-long training opportunities. Training classes are offered for both Individuals and teams.

Individual Power

Individual Power features weekly, coached 3-hour sessions. Each session covers warm-up, stretching, and drills of increasing complexity that culminate in volleyball scrimmage. Over the 10-week season, classes progress by including more skills as players solidify the basics. The chart below details the required proficiencies in each class for tryouts.

Gotham is committed to inclusivity and encourages players to choose the net height they feel comfortable with. Power A-F use a men’s height net, which Power W-W3 use a women’s height net.

ClassLevelNAGVA EquivalentSystems of Skills RequirementsBasic Skill Requirements
Power AAdvancedNAGVA A/BBProficient 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 90%
Power BHigh IntermediateNAGVA BB/BProficient 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 80%
Power CIntermediateNAGVA BProficient 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 70%
Power DLow IntermediateN/AExperienced 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 60%
Power EHigh BeginnerN/ANo Experience 6-2/5-1, Experienced 4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 50%
Power FBeginnerN/ANone RequiredNone Required
Power WAdvancedN/AProficient 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 90%
Power W2IntermediateN/AExperienced 6-2/5-1/4-2Serves In & Receives to Target: 60%
Power W3BeginnerN/ANone RequiredNone Required

How do I join? We use a tryout system to place players into classes. You register as an individual and come to tryouts; our coaches observe and draft their classes. Note that we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee placement since registrations far outnumber the space we have available to us.

Tryout dates are announced in our newsletter and also posted in our Upcoming Season page.

Team Power

Team Power is aimed at teams who participate in competitions, e.g., NAGVA tournaments. You register and practice with your own team for the season. Team Power uses tryouts for placement in classes.


PowerPlay is our special program for those new to the sport. It combines the coaching style of Individual Power with the experience of being in a league. The first 2-3 weeks are an introduction to the fundamentals of volleyball, after which players are divided into teams. Each subsequent class starts with coaching and drills before moving on to league matches. PowerPlay uses a first-come-first-served registration system.

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