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Weather Cancellation: Monday’s Pre-Tryout Run-Through

Due to a blizzard expected Monday night and Tuesday morning, all after school activities at New York Public Schools are cancelled on Monday, January 26. This means that, unfortunately, we must cancel Gotham’s Pre-Tryout Run-Through on Monday evening.

We will work to refund the $15 fee through PayPal over the next couple of days.

Unfortunately, we do not have time to reschedule the Run-Through before the Division 7-10 tryouts next weekend.

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Register for Spring 2015 Tryouts

gotham1We are pleased to announce the dates for the upcoming Spring 2015 season tryouts. Don’t forget to register in advance!
League Play Tryouts:
Saturday, January 24: Divisions 1, 2, 3
Sunday, January 25: Divisions 4, 5, 6
Saturday, January 31: Divisions 7, 8
Sunday, February 1: Divisions 9, 10
Power Tryouts:
Sunday, January 25: Power W (at the Elias Howe School, 525 W 44th St)
Monday, February 2: Team Power
Sunday, February 8: Power A – F
All tryouts will be at the Bayard Rustin Educational Complex (351 West 18th Street), except where noted.
League play begins the week of February 2.
Power classes begin the week of February 9 (except Power W, which begins on February 8).

Registration is now open, by logging into our website! For more information, check out our post about registration!

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Registration and Tryout FAQs

Everyone who wants to play in Gotham needs to register online before trying out. We strongly recommend registering in advance of tryouts, and the sooner the better. So why not register as soon as you can? There is usually a long wait to register at tryouts, so register in advance to make your life easier.

How to Register

(1) Log into the website by entering your user name and password on the upper right hand corner of the site. Returning members, use the same log in from last season. New members need to create an account by clicking “SIGN UP” in the upper right hand corner of this screen.

(2) Once you log in, you will be taken to the “My Account” Page. If not, click on the “Account” link where the log in box used to be, on the upper right hand corner of the website. Once on the “My Account” page, you will see a section that says “My Current Tryouts.” In that section of the page you will find a button that says “Register Now.” Click on the “Register Now” button.

(3) That will take you into our registration system. The first page is all information, scroll down to the bottom and click on the continue button and fill out the next few forms.

(4) Once you have filled out all the forms, and completed the registration process, you will get an e-mail to confirm your registration. You will also be given tryout number(s). Write those down and bring your confirmation e-mail with you to tryouts.

If you have any questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions, below the jump, or e-mail [email protected].

Click “read more” for answers to Frequently Asked Questions!

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Spring 2015 Captain Election Results

Thanks to all those who ran in the election and congratulations to the newly elected captains. The results below are in alphabetical order and also indicate the first alternates. Further alternates are listed in alphabetical order. If you are an alternate and would like to know your position in the order, contact your division rep.

Division 1: Joe Bannan, Andre Carneiro, Dave Hylton, Aron Janssen, Jorge Palomares, Gregoire Romulus, Alex Santa Cruz, Lew Smith

Division 2: Nick Halkias, Eric Hughes, John “Japo” Jaurigue, Nestor Lara-Baeza, Ron Medina, William Petrie, Melvin Punzalan, Kyle Williams; First Alternate – Dado Hanopol; Alternates – Jorge Altamirano, Kryon Grant, Aruk Jvaani, Kyle McCormick, Carlo Molina, Roy Rivera, Joel Russell

Division 3: Alan Amechazurra, Ramon (Chary) Ariza, Royce Bugarin, Javier Deida, Mike Figliulo, Bobby Irven, KC (Casey) NG, John Wetsell; First Alternate – Gair Morris; Alternates – Dominic Abordo, Rene Deida, John Rappaport, Michael Schilero,

Division 4: Eric Alcantara, Kevin Chin, David McDermott, Miguel Rojas, Joe Sena, Abishek SM, Max Szadek, Rich Tucker; First Alternate – Mark Canlas; Alternates – Anthony Hernandez, John Lingenfelter, Jason Shaw

Division 5: Craig Beck, Manny Ciccone, Edward Kamholz, Carlos Martos, Vinnie Mirrione, Sean O’Donnell, Leo Pedraza, Bradley Schleyer; First Alternate – Carlos Rufino Garcia; Alternates – Clay Burch, Deej Johnson

Division 6: Daryl Cochrane, Seth Eichenholtz, Scott Gfell, John Hellman, Anthony Lerro, Henry Mui, Adrian Torres, John Henry Watson; First Alternate – Phil Machnik; Alternates – Michael Castro, David Fredericks, Andrew Gandy, Jeff Hagedon, Christopher (Chino) Oudavanh, Chris Santos

Division 7: Susan D’Addario, Rafael De Arce, Brooke Feingold, Rob Frazier, Will Gardner, Pete Gouvitsas, Peter Jeffrey, William Lopez; First Alternate – Eddie Gomez; Alternates – Juan Arevalo, Alexandre Costet, Anthony Gianacakos, Erik Johnson, Tim O’Brien, Italo Valerio

Division 8: Michael Chan, Tyrone Curtis, Eric Eichenholtz, Lloyd Fider, Chad Pistesky, Mark Ski, Patrick Sleem, Chad Walter; First Alternate – Steven Johnson; Alternates – Michael Ashley, Paul Biboud-Lubeck, Michael Blauschild, Bryan Callahan, Matthew Cohen, Antony Fontanello, Olan Montgomery, Bernie O’Brien, Gregg Parratto, Phil Riina, Tyler Sill

Division 9: Oscar Apaydinli, Patrick Callahan, Joseph Egan, Julio Lopez, Stefan Mreczko, Rene Rodriguez, Joey Widjaja, Mike Woronuk; First Alternate – George Cofone; Alternates – Jason Adoniz, Antonio Centeno, Jr.

Division 10: Jarrett Adams, Chris Doscher, Sean Fischer, Dan Klein, Kayla Luciano, Michael McDerman, Jason Pensiero, Willy Williams-Brown; First Alternate – Mark Long; Alternates – Wolfgang Grieger, Joe Hemsing

We look forward to another great season with everyone!

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Gotham National Coming Out Day Project

On October 8, 9, & 11, Gothamites experienced a powerful and community-engaging National Coming Out Day Exhibit organized by D4 rep, Max Szadek. Approximately 400 League and Power members completed postcards designed by member Rocky Reed describing their coming-out experience. Located at the Rustin Educational Complex, the exhibition was comprised of postcards, posters displaying member statistics, and a testimonial video. The video was directed and produced by member, Mark Bracero. Thank you to all for participating!

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Gotham says “Hellz Yeah!” to Hell’s Kitchen

Elias HoweGotham is excited to announce that we are moving some of our programs to P.S. 51, the Elias Howe School in Hell’s Kitchen. We have secured weekend permits in this brand new, well-equipped school at 525 W 44th St, between 10th and 11th Avenues. Divisions 6 and 10 will start league play at the new school on September 13.

Getting into this new school is a fantastic development for our league, but it comes on the heels of some challenging news. We were recently informed that our permits at the O. Henry School on 17th Street have been severely cut back because of an expansion of their after-school programs. The new space at P.S. 51 means we do not have to cancel any Saturday league play, but the cutback at O. Henry means we currently do not have space on weeknights for our Open Plays or Power W (Women’s Power).

We know a lot of you love Open Plays, so we are doing all we can to find space on the weeknights at other schools. We are also working hard to find a time and place for Power W.

Our permits at Rustin remain unchanged.

For over 30 years Gotham has operated in after-hours permit space in New York City’s public schools. This arrangement allows our community to come together to offer a lot of great volleyball at a reasonable price, but it also means that sometimes we must be flexible with our space needs. The Gotham board of directors thanks all of our members for your understanding and flexibility as we work to fulfill our mission to improve the quality of life of GLBTQ individuals by building community through the sport of volleyball.

Expect to hear more about our progress, and let’s have a great fall season!

We are pleased to announce that tryouts for Power W will take place Sunday, September 21 at 2:00 PM at Howe. Power W classes will he held on Sundays from 2:00 – 5:00 PM at Howe as well.

We have also been able to secure space for our Open Plays. Please visit the Open Plays page for more information and a schedule.

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