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Registration and Tryout FAQs

Everyone who wants to play in Gotham needs to register online before trying out. We strongly recommend registering in advance of tryouts, and the sooner the better. So why not register as soon as you can? There is usually a long wait to register at tryouts, so register in advance to make your life easier.

How to Register

(1) Log into the website by entering your user name and password on the upper right hand corner of the site. Returning members, use the same log in from last season. New members need to create an account by clicking “SIGN UP” in the upper right hand corner of this screen.

(2) Once you log in, you will be taken to the “My Account” Page. If not, click on the “Account” link where the log in box used to be, on the upper right hand corner of the website. Once on the “My Account” page, you will see a section that says “My Current Tryouts.” In that section of the page you will find a button that says “Register Now.” Click on the “Register Now” button.

(3) That will take you into our registration system. The first page is all information, scroll down to the bottom and click on the continue button and fill out the next few forms.

(4) Once you have filled out all the forms, and completed the registration process, you will get an e-mail to confirm your registration. You will also be given tryout number(s). Write those down and bring your confirmation e-mail with you to tryouts.

If you have any questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions, below the jump, or e-mail [email protected].

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Volunteer Coaches Needed for Fall 2015


Gotham members volunteering to coach teams in lower divisions is one of the things that helps make Gotham Volleyball great.  Most teams that play on Saturdays, and some weekday teams, have a volunteer coach working with the team.  Our volunteer coaches not only add a layer of skill development and a crucial pair of eyes that a captain needs, but also an important element of moral support.  Coaches push a player to try harder and, when the player tries and fails, offer encouragement and support.  Coaches are volunteers in Gotham, and the level of involvement with the team depends a lot on the preferences of the team captain.  Once a coach is paired with a captain, the details of the role could be helping to create a line-up, devising and implementing pre-game drills and warm-ups, in-game coaching (calling time-outs and giving feedback to players), and possibly post-game encouragement.  A coach should help players identify the skills needing focus and development.  A coach should also be able to monitor team dynamics (before, during and, possibly even, after play) and take action to remedy situations that occur during a match.  In many respects, the captain is the leader of the team; however, a good coach makes it possible for a captain to succeed.

If you have any interest in coaching (even if you can’t coach this season), we are offering a free coaching clinic to our members interested in learning more about being a coach.  The clinic will be held on Monday August 31 at 7 PM (location TBA).

If you are interested in signing up for the clinic or if you are interested in volunteering as a coach this Fall, please fill out the form using the link above.  For those interested in coaching, we will make every effort to pair you with a team at the level of your interest.  If you have any questions, e-mail [email protected].


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Newly Appointed Board Members

We are pleased to announce our newly appointed At Large Board Members, as well as replacement Division Play and Training Representatives, and Grievance Committee Members.

Gotham is a volunteer run organization and we thank those members who give their time and energy. We encourage our members to give back to the league by running for captain, being a coach, volunteering at events, or serving on the board.

Voting At Large Members:
Rafael De Arce – Director of Communications
Seth Eichenholtz – Director of Strategic Planning
Dave Fredericks – Open Play Director
Mike Hess – Assistant Treasurer
Patrick So – Director of Division Play
Max Szadek – Director of Community Outreach and Social Events
John Wetsell – Webmaster

Non-Voting At Large Members:
Josh Christensen – Manager of Historical Records
Daniel Miron – Tournament Manager
Clovis Thorn – Grievance Committee Chair and Assistant Secretary

Division Representatives:
Rich Tucker – Division 4 Representative
Erik Johnson – Division 7 Representative
Training Representative:
Doug Christian – Director of Training and Power Saturday/Monday Representative

Grievance Committee:
Joe Bannon – Division 1
Alan Amechazurra – Division 3
Travis Pouliot – Division 5
Susan D’Addario – Division 7
Lloyd Fider – Division 8

As always, you can see the full Board of Directors and their contact information on the Board Page.

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Gotham Spring 2015 Election Results

We are pleased to announce the results of the Spring 2015 elections. Thank you to all those who ran for their willingness to volunteer on the Executive Board, as well as those who served on the Board this past year. We would also like to congratulate all the newly elected Fall 2015 Captains!

Executive Board Election Results

Commissioner: Trevor Cano
Vice Commissioner: Eric Eichenholtz
Treasurer: Lew Smith
Secretary: Manny Ciccone

Fall 2015 Captain Election Results

The results below are in alphabetical order and also indicate the first alternates. If you are an alternate and would like to know where you fall in the alternate order, please contact your division representative.

Division 1: Joe Bannan, Dave Hylton, Aron Janssen, Jorge Palomares, Gregoire Romulus, Scott Sitrin, Lew Smith, Marshall Vickers; First Alternate – Al Duran; Alternates – Victor Abrigo, Kyle Alexander McCormick

Division 2: Kryon Grant, Nick Halkias, John “Japo” Jaurigue, Ron Medina, Rick Mora, Will Petrie, Melvin Punzalan, Kyle Williams; First Alternate – Eric Hughes; Alternate – Drew Gulley

Division 3: Alan Amechazurra, Kati Brown, Royce Bugarin, Javier Deida, Mike Figliulo, Bobby Irven, Dennis Koster, KC (Casey) NG; First Alternate – John Wetsell; Alternates – Chary Ariza, Rene Deida, Gair Morris, Andrew Price

Division 4: Eric Alcantara, Kevin Chin, David McDermott, Garret Schlein, Abishek SM, Kleber Suarez, Max Szadek, Rich Tucker; First Alternate – Anthony Hernandez; Alternates – Francisco Alegria, Mark Canlas, Jason Shaw

Division 5: Craig Beck, Andre Carneiro, Manny Ciccone, Carlos Garcia, Vinnie Mirrione, Sean O’Donnell, Leo Pedraza, Bradley Schleyer; First Alternate – Edward Kamholz; Alternates – Daniel Agosto, Kenneth Ayson, David Badillo, Clay Burch, Rob Stabile

Division 6: Aaron Charron, Daryl Cochrane, Seth Eichenholtz, Dave Fredericks, Phil Machnik, Henry Mui, Adrian Torres, John Henry Watson; First Alternate – Michael Castro; Alternate – Tom Lewkowitz

Division 7: Susan D’Addario, Rafael De Arce, Eric Eichenholtz, Rob Frazier, Pete Gouvitsas, Kent Nicholas, Tim O’Brien, Tyler Sill; First Alternate – Erik Johnson; Alternates – Jason Bentley, Marco Carreon, John Gentile, Eddie Gomez, Kevin Hickey, Leo Ho, William Lopez

Division 8: Oscar Apaydini, Humza Butt, Bill Caruso, Michael Chan, Joey Cinque, Lloyd Fider, Mark Ski, Patrick Sleem; First Alternate – Steven Johnson; Alternates – Artus Concepcion, Anthony Fontanello, Brian Orosz, Quintin Roper, Daniel “Blue” Smith, Chad Walter, Frederick Zindell

Division 9: Juan Aravelo, Alexander Ata, George Cofone, Andrew Dawson, Joe Egan, Sothdra Nguon-Deveraux, Joey Widjaja, Mike Woronuk; First Alternate – Jason Adoniz; Alternates – Antonio Centeno Jr, Daniel Tillman

Division 10: Jarrett Adams, Greg Basaraba, Angel Ballon, Chris Doscher, Dan Klein, Isaac Lee, Michael McDerman, Jason Pensiero; First Alternate – Kayla Luciano; Alternates – Joe Hemsing, Bernard O’Brien, Amy Santiago, Willy Williams

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