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December Open Plays for Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4!

In addition to our other Open Play offerings, we are pleased to offer Open Plays for Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4 in December!  The Open Plays will be held at Rustin, at the same gyms and on the same night as Division Play.  Division 3 & 4 Open Play will be held on December 7 and 14.  Division 1 & 2 Open Play will be held on December 8 and 15.  As with all Open Plays, registration launches on  each preceding Friday at 12 noon.

For more information and to sign up click here.

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Run for Captain for the Spring 2017 Season

Gotham is now accepting nominations for team captains for the Spring 2017 season for Divisions 1 – 10.  To sign up to run for captain, please e-mail [email protected].  In your e-mail, please be sure to include your name (as you’d like it to appear on the ballot) and your current division and team number.  Only people who are currently playing in a division this fall can run to be captain for that division in the Spring season.

Nominations for captains will be accepted until noon on Friday, December 9, and elections for captains and team all-stars will begin Sunday, December 11.

Gotham is an all-volunteer run organization. You can make a difference!

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Registration for December 11 Mixer Tournament is now OPEN

Registration is now open for our always-popular Mixer tournament, being held on December 11 from 10 AM at Rustin High School. This Mixer is a fundraiser for GMHC. The cost of the tournament is $50 for a pair of two players. The Mixer Tournament is a great way for you to pair up with a friend, significant other, spouse, or just someone you want to get to know better from another division and play volleyball with dozens of Gotham members of all levels in a fun and enjoyable environment!

Two players from different divisions will register as a pair.  Pairs will then be matched up with two other pairs to create a unique team of 6 for each round of the tournament.  The organizers will match different skill levels to create as even a playing field as possible.  You and your partner will get to play with different teammates each round!  The complete Mixer Tournament Rules are available online.

To register, please click here.

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Video Features for National Coming Out Day 2016

“If you’re considering coming out, you’re not alone.”

In the spirit of National Coming Out Day on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 several members from the Gotham Volleyball League share their coming out experiences. If you’re considering coming out, you’re not alone.


In the National Health Statistics Reports #77 July 15, 2014, approximately 2.3 percent of Americans identified themselves as gay or bisexual. Keep in mind that everyone’s coming out experience is unique! Don’t feel you have to come out, after thinking it through you may decide not to – and that’s ok!



Thanks for viewing the videos! Have a FABULOUS day!

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Not playing this season? We want you to become a member of Gotham!

As part of its Strategic Planning Process, the Gotham Board has created a brand new membership policyThose playing a full season in Division Play, PowerPlay, and individual Power classes in the Fall are already Gotham members…  But if you’re not playing this Fall, or if you know friends, family or alumni who might want to become a member, read on…

Under our new policy, if you aren’t playing this Fall, you can still become a Gotham member for a $35 membership fee.  Membership will give you the ability to go to Gotham events (including the Fall and Spring End of Season Party, a $50 value), vote in Gotham-wide elections, participate in Gotham programs and leadership, and other special benefits. The best part is, if you decide join Division Play or an individual Power class in the Spring, the $35 fee is credited right back to you toward your Spring dues.

We’re also encouraging Gotham friends, supporters, and alumni to consider getting a Gotham membership and get more active in our organization. 

Click here to become a Gotham Member!

Click here for frequently asked questions!

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Volunteer Coaches Needed for Fall 2016


Gotham members volunteering to coach teams in lower divisions is one of the things that helps make Gotham Volleyball great.  Most teams that play on Saturdays, and some weekday teams, have a volunteer coach working with the team.  Our volunteer coaches not only add a layer of skill development and a crucial pair of eyes that a captain needs, but also an important element of moral support.  Coaches push a player to try harder and, when the player tries and fails, offer encouragement and support.  Coaches are volunteers in Gotham, and the level of involvement with the team depends a lot on the preferences of the team captain.  Once a coach is paired with a captain, the details of the role could be helping to create a line-up, devising and implementing pre-game drills and warm-ups, in-game coaching (calling time-outs and giving feedback to players), and possibly post-game encouragement.  A coach should help players identify the skills needing focus and development.  A coach should also be able to monitor team dynamics (before, during and, possibly even, after play) and take action to remedy situations that occur during a match.  In many respects, the captain is the leader of the team; however, a good coach makes it possible for a captain to succeed.

If you are interested in signing up for the clinic or if you are interested in volunteering as a coach this Fall, please fill out the form using the link above.  For those interested in coaching, we will make every effort to pair you with a team at the level of your interest.  If you have any questions, e-mail [email protected].


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