Spring Fling Award Winners

Below is the full list of winners from past Spring Fling tournaments!

Spring Fling XIII (May 2023)

Intermediate Division

First Place — Blocklisted (Eric Knee, Captain)
Second Place — Throat Goats (Michael Gindes, Captain)
Third Place — VERS (Chikako Takahashi, Captain)

All Stars — Collin Phillips (Blocklisted), Felix Ma (Throat Goats), Quint Mediate (VERS)

Tournament MVP — Eric Knee (Blocklisted)

Green Division

First Place — Care Bares (Richard Rivera, Captain)
Second Place — Block That Duck (Kevin Park, Captain)
Third Place — Asian Fling (Ruth Valenzuela, Captain)

All Stars — Andres Talero (Asian Fling), Ted Berkowski (Block That Duck), Dyan Tabuzo (Care Bares)

Tournament MVP — Noah Cortez (Block That Duck)

Rookie of the Year — Barbara Waginski (Mint Condition)

Spring Fling XII (May 2022)

Intermediate Division

First Place — BLOCKPINK (Sothdra Nguon-Devereaux, Captain)
Second Place — BAM!! (Raymond Tam, Captain)
Third Place — Sit on My Ace (Chris Won, Captain)

All Stars — Collin Phillips (Sit on My Ace), Kristine Serina (BAM!!), Matthew Renee (BLOCKPINK)

Tournament MVP — Eric Knee (BLOCKPINK)

Green Division

First Place — Hits & Giggles (Josue Avendano Reyes, Captain)
Second Place — Ball Slappers (Kyle Svehla, Captain)
Third Place — Nameless & Shameless (Aaron Ange, Captain)

All Stars — Felix Ma (Nameless & Shameless), Kyle Svehla (Ball Slappers), Jeffry Mutuc (Hits & Giggles)

Tournament MVP — Hunter Schneider (Hits & Giggles)

Rookie of the Year — Kyle Svehla (Hits & Giggles)

Spring Fling XI (May 2020)

Tournament Cancelled

Spring Fling X (May 2019)

Transitional Division

First Place — Oxidators (Jude Lura, Captain)
Second Place — Real F***boys of Gotham (Sothdra Nguon-Devereaux, Captain)
Third Place — BAM! (Andrew Dowdye, Captain)

All Stars — Andrew Dowdye (BAM!), Mikeebel Figueroa (Real F***boys of Gotahm), Christoffer Marquez (Oxidators)

Tournament MVP — Jason Quick (Oxidators)

Green Division

First Place — You Can’t Hit With Us (Neil Wang, Captain)
Second Place — Tiger Bums (Enzhuang Wang, Captain)
Third Place — Unsafe Sets (Eric Xu, Captain)

All Stars — Brendan Curley (Unsafe Sets), Zaldy Santos (Tiger Bums), Charlie Doherty (You Can’t Hit With Us)

Tournament MVP — Jason Wang (You Can’t Hit With Us)

Rookie of the Year — Enzhuang Wang (Tiger Bums)

Spring Fling IX (2018)

Transitional Division

1st — Oxidators
2nd — CoverGirls
3rd — Best Sets I’ve Ever Had

All Stars — Rick Martinez (Best Sets I’ve Ever Had), Ramsey Merritt (CoverGirls), Ian Zhang (CoverGirls)

Tournament MVP — Max Davis (Oxidators)

Green Division

1st — Wicked Ballers
2nd — No DIGnity
3rd — Sailor Scouts

All Stars — Bryan Hsu (Sailor Scouts), Mike Materasso (No DIGnity), Tom Hanrahan (Wicked Ballers)

Tournament MVP — John John Malvasia (Wicked Ballers)

2018 Rookie of the Year — Brian Mateo (Sailor Scouts)

Spring Fling VIII (2017)

First Place — Oxidators (Jude Lura, Captain)
Second Place — Casual Slay (Tonel Rodgers, Captain)
Third Place — Barbies 2.0 (Paulo Bautista, Captain)

Individual Awards:

MVP — Richard Del Pino (Casual Slay)

All Stars:
Alwin Barcenas (Oxidators)
Isac Lee (Casual Slay)
Alex Breton (Barbies 2.0)

Rookie of the Year — Joe Eletto (Spring Fling Queens)

Spring Fling VII (2016)

1st Place — Oxidators (Jojo Demol, Captain)
2nd Place — Rice Hookers (Russell Jayme, Captain)
3rd Place — Black Lightning (Tim O’Brien, Captain)

Tournament MVP — Jojo Demol, Oxidators
All Star — Jianne Feliciano, Oxidators
All Star — SJ Ducut, Rice Hookers
All Star — Scott Landfried, Black Lightning
Rookie of the Year — Sid He, 2 ITP

Spring Fling VI (2015)

First Place — No Dig — No Mercy (Joey Widjaja, Captain)
Second Place — Hits Don’t Lie (Tim O’Brien, Captain)
Third Place — One Direction (Rafael DeArce)

Tournament MVP — Jonathan Demol, No Dig — No Mercy

All Stars —
Tyler Kroetsch, No Dig — No Mercy
Jeremy Robb, Hits Don’t Lie
Stephen Kuschman, One Direction

Rookie of the Year — Sothdra Nguon-Deveraux, One Direction

Spring Fling V (2014)

1st Place: Rice Hookers
2nd Place: No Diggity
3rd Place: 7 DIVERTION

MVP: Richard Luke (Rice Hookers)

All-Stars: Dominic Abordo (Rice Hookers), Danny Gilberg (No Diggity), Richard Michael (7 DIVERTION)

Rookie of the Year: Clif Wallace

Spring Fling IV (2013)

1st Place — Service with a Smile
2nd Place — Darnas
3rd Place — Mixed Nuts

1st Place — Ball Busters
2nd Place — Rice Hookers
3rd Place — Power D

MVP — Tyler Domino, Ball Busters
All-Star — Roberto Conto, Ball Busters
All-Star — Angel Salas, Rice Hookers
All-Star — Ernesto Aguliar, Power D
Rookie of the Year — Ted Sands, Smurf Balls

Spring Fling III (2012)

1st Place — Service with a Smile
2nd Place — Darnas
3rd Place — Mixed Nuts


MVP — Laura Appleby, Service with a Smile
All Stars —
Matt Ehrman, Service with a Smile
Rodrigo Costa, Darnas
Greg Kershaw, Mixed Nuts

Rookie of the Year — Jonathan Liao, Sidy’s Slickers

Spring Fling II (2011)

High C Division

Information being retrieved

Low C Division

Information being retrieved

Spring Fling 2010

1) Misfits (Brendan Smith, Captain)
2) Hommes & Balls (Manny Ciccone, Captain)
3) Fuzzy Bunnies (Seth Eichenholtz, Captain)
4) Spring Slammers (Tim McNamara, Captain)
5) Betty Whites (Cynthia Jennings, Captain)
    T2 (Phil Riina, Captain)
7) Flaming Honey Bees (Eric Eichenholtz, Captain)
    Trend Setters (Ivan Quimi, Captain)
9) Oceanic Eight (John Henry Watson, Captain)
    Tits Up! (Erik Sudduth, Captain)

All-Stars:   James Dorfer (Misfits), Manny Ciccone (Hommes & Balls), Tim Kitchen (Fuzzy Bunnies)

Tournament MVP: Mona Nikhanj (Misfits)

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