Spring Fling Award Winners

Below is the full list of winners from past Spring Fling tournaments!

Spring Fling X (May 2019)

Transitional Division

First Place — Oxidators (Jude Lura, Captain)
Second Place — Real F***boys of Gotham (Sothdra Nguon-Devereaux, Captain)
Third Place — BAM! (Andrew Dowdye, Captain)

All Stars — Andrew Dowdye (BAM!), Mikeebel Figueroa (Real F***boys of Gotahm), Christoffer Marquez (Oxidators)

Tournament MVP — Jason Quick (Oxidators)

Green Division

First Place — You Can’t Hit With Us (Neil Wang, Captain)
Second Place — Tiger Bums (Enzhuang Wang, Captain)
Third Place — Unsafe Sets (Eric Xu, Captain)

All Stars — Brendan Curley (Unsafe Sets), Zaldy Santos (Tiger Bums), Charlie Doherty (You Can’t Hit With Us)

Tournament MVP — Jason Wang (You Can’t Hit With Us)

Rookie of the Year — Enzhuang Wang (Tiger Bums)

Spring Fling IX (2018)

Transitional Division

1st — Oxidators
2nd — CoverGirls
3rd — Best Sets I’ve Ever Had

All Stars — Rick Martinez (Best Sets I’ve Ever Had), Ramsey Merritt (CoverGirls), Ian Zhang (CoverGirls)

Tournament MVP — Max Davis (Oxidators)

Green Division

1st — Wicked Ballers
2nd — No DIGnity
3rd — Sailor Scouts

All Stars — Bryan Hsu (Sailor Scouts), Mike Materasso (No DIGnity), Tom Hanrahan (Wicked Ballers)

Tournament MVP — John John Malvasia (Wicked Ballers)

2018 Rookie of the Year — Brian Mateo (Sailor Scouts)

Spring Fling VIII (2017)

First Place — Oxidators (Jude Lura, Captain)
Second Place — Casual Slay (Tonel Rodgers, Captain)
Third Place — Barbies 2.0 (Paulo Bautista, Captain)

Individual Awards:

MVP — Richard Del Pino (Casual Slay)

All Stars:
Alwin Barcenas (Oxidators)
Isac Lee (Casual Slay)
Alex Breton (Barbies 2.0)

Rookie of the Year — Joe Eletto (Spring Fling Queens)

Spring Fling VII (2016)

1st Place — Oxidators (Jojo Demol, Captain)
2nd Place — Rice Hookers (Russell Jayme, Captain)
3rd Place — Black Lightning (Tim O’Brien, Captain)

Tournament MVP — Jojo Demol, Oxidators
All Star — Jianne Feliciano, Oxidators
All Star — SJ Ducut, Rice Hookers
All Star — Scott Landfried, Black Lightning
Rookie of the Year — Sid He, 2 ITP

Spring Fling VI (2015)

First Place — No Dig — No Mercy (Joey Widjaja, Captain)
Second Place — Hits Don’t Lie (Tim O’Brien, Captain)
Third Place — One Direction (Rafael DeArce)

Tournament MVP — Jonathan Demol, No Dig — No Mercy

All Stars —
Tyler Kroetsch, No Dig — No Mercy
Jeremy Robb, Hits Don’t Lie
Stephen Kuschman, One Direction

Rookie of the Year — Sothdra Nguon-Deveraux, One Direction

Spring Fling V (2014)

1st Place: Rice Hookers
2nd Place: No Diggity
3rd Place: 7 DIVERTION

MVP: Richard Luke (Rice Hookers)

All-Stars: Dominic Abordo (Rice Hookers), Danny Gilberg (No Diggity), Richard Michael (7 DIVERTION)

Rookie of the Year: Clif Wallace

Spring Fling IV (2013)

1st Place — Service with a Smile
2nd Place — Darnas
3rd Place — Mixed Nuts

1st Place — Ball Busters
2nd Place — Rice Hookers
3rd Place — Power D

MVP — Tyler Domino, Ball Busters
All-Star — Roberto Conto, Ball Busters
All-Star — Angel Salas, Rice Hookers
All-Star — Ernesto Aguliar, Power D
Rookie of the Year — Ted Sands, Smurf Balls

Spring Fling III (2012)

1st Place — Service with a Smile
2nd Place — Darnas
3rd Place — Mixed Nuts


MVP — Laura Appleby, Service with a Smile
All Stars —
Matt Ehrman, Service with a Smile
Rodrigo Costa, Darnas
Greg Kershaw, Mixed Nuts

Rookie of the Year — Jonathan Liao, Sidy’s Slickers

Spring Fling II (2011)

High C Division

Information being retrieved

Low C Division

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Spring Fling 2010

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