Play volleyball ASAP!

We offer a number of “one-off” programs year round.

Open Play

Open Play events are the easiest way to experience Gotham: you just register and come play. They are also a great way to start playing with us if you found us mid-season.

Not sure what level to choose? Attend your first Open Play at the level you feel comfortable, remembering that “Division 1” signals our highest level, and “Division 11” our most beginner. Our volunteers will observe you play and determine the right level for you going forward!

Here are our detailed levels and eligibility requirements.

Clinics and Power Drills

Want to practice your volleyball skills. We also offer single-session volleyball training, led by either a coach (Clinic) or a volunteer (Power Drills). Register here.


Have a team already? We offer a variety of Tournaments year-round! Please refer to our eligibility rules for Friendship Tournaments, or visit the relevant tournament page.

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