Nomination form received

Nomination Form Received

Thank you for signing up for the May 2021 Gotham Board of Directors Election!  Your nomination form has been received by the Elections and Nominations Committee.

If you forgot to include your candidate statement or photo (or wish to make changes), please e-mail [email protected].  Please note that after Friday, May 7, no further changes can be made to your profile or photo.

Election Guidelines Reminder

All candidates should keep these important guidelines in mind:

1)         If you choose to campaign for the position(s) you are seeking, all of your campaigning (whether in person, e-mail/text or on social media) should be positive, promoting only your specific candidacy, as well as comply with the community spirit of Gotham Volleyball and our Sportsmanship and Anti-Violence policy.  If you wish, you can review the policy here.

2)         This year, we are maintaining a web-based Gotham Candidate Forum to ensure that all candidates have an equal and fair opportunity to post information regarding their candidacy.  Any other candidate postings made to the Gotham Website or Gotham Volleyball’s social media (including the Gotham Volleyball 🙂 Facebook group) are not permitted and will be removed.

3)         If you are currently a Gotham Volleyball Leader, you may not use information and resources provided to you in your role as leader (such as e-mail distribution lists, a Gotham e-mail address, or the User Directory) to promote your candidacy for the position(s) you are seeking or promote any particular candidate(s).   You can, of course, use these resources remind members about the elections and the importance of voting if that is part of your Leadership role.


If you have any questions, please e-mail [email protected].  Thank you.

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