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Current Classes and Coaches

For more information on the Power Program, please visit our Training page.

Current Power Classes and Coaches

Power A - ExpertJeff Lipton (Tech. Director)
Eric Lodde
Class RepresentativeMarshall Vickers
Power B - AdvancedChris Lacap
Arvin Rada
Class RepresentativeMatthew Keller
Power C - High IntermediateArvin Rada
Heriberto Estrada
Class RepresentativeDonna Kong
Power D - Low IntermediateJeff Lipton
Austin Voges
Class RepresentativePierce Vo
Power E - Adv BeginnerLeah Hughey
Bobby Miller
Class RepresentativeAndrew Dowdye
PowerPlayLeah Hughey
Chris Lacap
Arvin Rada
Class RepresentativeAlex Deng
Power W - WomensChris Lacap
Leah Hughey
Class RepresentativeSonia Parada
Team Power BB/AJeff Lipton
Etan Bennett
Class RepresentativeMatthew Rosano
Team Power B1Chris Lacap
Arvin Rada
Class Representative (B)Clif Wallace
Team Power B2Edgar Lazaro
Jeffrey Bagares
Class Representative (B)Clif Wallace