Team Practice Request

Team Practice Space Request

There are times throughout the season that we offer unallocated gym space to team Captains to hold team practices.  The space can be used for team practice time, reserved in 1 hour blocks, and must be requested by the captain or coach.  Please use the form below to request the space.  Requests will be taken on first-come-first-served basis, and will be confirmed by the Gotham Volleyball Secretary or a member of the Operations Committee.

Only current Gotham Volleyball Division Play teams may use the practice space.  The practice space must be requested by the team Captain (or someone the Captain designates in advance by e-mailing [email protected]).

Practice Space requests cannot be made any earlier than 9 AM the Wednesday before the day being requested.  Any early requests will be disregarded.

Please submit your request by filling out the form below.

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