After a challenging year both inside and outside our Gotham community that saw us unable to play volleyball, we are now in the process of returning to the volleyball court! This page is designed to give you the latest updates and maximum transparency as the Gotham Volleyball community goes through the process of returning to play outlined in Gotham’s Return to Play plan. We remain committed to being as transparent about this process as possible! If you have any suggestions regarding this page or how we communicate Return to Play information, please e-mail [email protected]

Current Return to Play Phase and Updates


COVID Safety Reminder (posted: December 13, 2021)

Over the last few weeks, the amount of COVID cases in New York City are on the rise. The emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID makes ensuring the safety of our members participating in volleyball activities even more paramount. While it is easy to feel like things have returned to normal, it is important we remain vigilant and mindful that we are playing in a time of global pandemic. We all also need to work together to protect our teammates and community when they may be potentially exposed to COVID.  To help achieve this, we wanted to remind everyone of some important steps we all take to help stop the spread of COVID:

1) Notification to Gotham — we request all members who test positive for COVID-19 within 5 days of a Gotham Volleyball event advise the League of the positive result.  You can tell your Team Captain or Division/Power Representative (they’ve been trained and instructed on how to report it) or you can e-mail the information directly to [email protected].  We rely on all of you to report in so that we can advise other members who may have been exposed so they can get tested.

 2) Notification to Members — when Gotham learns of a COVID positive result, members who may have been exposed will be notified.  To protect members’ medical privacy, we do not use names when reporting an exposure.  Instead, we advise the team/match information.  If you are notified of a potential exposure in Gotham, we strongly recommend that you get tested and advise Gotham if you have a positive result to help protect yourself and your fellow Gothamites.

3) Multiple exposures at events — Under Gotham’s safety protocols, if there are multiple positive tests reported from more than two participants in a Division/Power class, the next instances of that Division/Power class will be postponed.  Fortunately, thus far, we have not had a multiple exposure event but wanted to remind everyone of this protocol.

4) Health Screens — Members are required to fill out the DOE Health Screen before each Gotham event.  The only exception to this is if you have multiple events on the same day.  We also wish to remind everyone that those who cannot pass the health screen are not permitted to attend Gotham events. 

Prior Update (Posted: October 11, 2021):

Now that tryouts are wrapping up, Phase 3 of our Return to Play plan kicks into full gear as we return to a full schedule of Division Play, Power training, Friendship Tournaments and Open Plays. While this may seem on the surface like a return to “normal,” it is important to remember that retuning to play in a time of a global pandemic can be challenging and difficult. We need each member of the Gotham Community to strictly follow Gotham’s safety protocols in order to minimize any possibility of the dangerous delta variant of COVID-19 from being spread during Gotham Play. Our protocols include:

  • All members must be vaccinated (while those who cannot get vaccinated are invited to apply for an exception by e-mailing [email protected], please be advised that applicable guidance and regulations may not allow us to make exceptions to the vaccination requirement for indoor volleyball activities).Players must complete a DOE required health screen before each Gotham volleyball event.
  • Mandatory masking at all times — including game play
  • Regular Wipedown of Game Ball and equipment
  • Social distancing to the extent possible
  • Only participants in Gotham events will be allowed in the gyms

Under the order of the City Health Commissioner, visitors to schools (including participants in Gotham events) must be vaccinated. As a result of this order, Gotham is unable to make any exceptions to the vaccination requirement for our indoor volleyball events.

Prior Updates:

On March 18, 2021, Gotham Volleyball held a Return to Play Forum in which Gotham President Eric Eichenholtz outlined the Return to Play process created by the Board of Directors and took questions and suggestions from Gotham members who attended the forum via Zoom and Facebook Live. A video of the Forum is available through Gotham’s Facebook page. Topics discussed included that we will likely be holding our annual Fire Island Tournament on Saturday, July 17, the possibility of other indoor and outdoor events in the Spring, and holding various clinics prior to the next full season. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, you can e-mail [email protected]

On March 22, 2021, Gotham’s Return to Play information page went live on the Gotham Website. The page is designed to promote transparency and to fully inform members and those who want to participate in Gotham’s activities as we return to play.

Gotham elections will be held between May 9 at noon through May 12 at 5 PM. As part of that election, we will be asking questions about COVID-19 and return to play. Please be sure to fill out your election ballot so we can have YOUR feedback!

The Gotham Leadership provided a full Return to Play Update at the May 27, 2021 membership meeting and took questions and answers. Members who missed the meeting have been sent a link to view the video recording of the meeting at their convenience.

Registration for the Fire Island Tournament opened on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

Gotham held its 40th Anniversary Virtual Celebration on June 22, 2021, hosted by the LGBTQ center. For those who missed it, the celebration can be viewed via the Center’s YouTube channel.

Gotham held its Fire Island Volleyball Tournament on July 17, 2021.

Gotham Volleyball’s Return to Play Committee held its first meeting on August 11, 2021. Recommendations for the fall season were discussed. The Gotham Board of Directors will review these recommendations at its meeting on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. Following that meeting, we will provide more information about the Fall 2021 season, including opportunities to provide feedback on our plans.

On August 17, 2021, the Gotham Volleyball Board of Directors met and decided to proceed with a modified Fall 2021 season as follows:

  • Indoor Play will begin at our host schools shortly after Labor Day, with Phase 3 of Return to Play beginning with tryouts that will start the last week in September. We expect to have a full schedule of tryout dates shortly.
  • We will hold our usual Divisions of Division Play and Power classes in Fall 2021. There will be 7 weeks of play for each Division and Power class in Fall 2021. We will also hold an end of season tournament for each Division if sufficient facilities are available.
  • In addition, we will hold a full slate of Open Plays and Friendship Tournaments.
  • Green and Golden Apple will NOT be held this fall to ensure we can accommodate the season schedule for Division Play and Power.
  • The season will be played under new health and safety protocols, including limiting crowd size, masking and requiring proof of vaccination (with exceptions to the vaccination requirement considered on a case-by-case basis).

On August 26, we held a Return to Play member forum.  At the forum, we shared details about the upcoming season as well as our new safety protocols, as well as answered member questions.  A video of the member forum can be found here.

On September 15, 2021, registration opened in our new League Apps registration system! If you are a returning member of Gotham and you have not yet created your League Apps account, set up your League Apps account properly by following the instructions in this link.

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