Gotham Candidate Forum: Power E

Gotham Candidate Forum: Power E

Players in Power E will be voting from October 6, 2019 through 5 PM on October 9, 2019 to elect a new Power Class Representative to the Training Leadership Group. If you play in Power E and have and do not receive a ballot after 1 PM on October 6, please e-mail [email protected]

Below, please find the candidate profile of the candidate for Power E Representative:  Michael Vallecoccia

Michael Vallecoccia

Michael has participated in Gotham for a year.

Q: Please describe your prior Gotham volunteer and/or leadership experience, if any.

A:I currently do not have any experience in Gotham leadership but am eager to get involved!

Q: Why are you interested in a Gotham Leadership position?

A:I am interested in being the Power E rep to be a positive voice for the players of Power E and to foster an inclusive and fun environment where everyone can improve their volleyball skills and have a great time. I also want to give back to the Gotham community and the players of Power E by volunteering to help the group stay organized and up to date.

Q: What qualities would you bring as a Gotham Leader and, in particular, the position you are running for?

A:As a project manager by profession, I will bring strong organization and communication skills necessary for the Power Rep role. I am also very approachable and a good listener for any players who wish to share any information they would like relayed to the Gotham Training Leadership Group.

Q: What do you wish to accomplish if elected?

A: If chosen as Power E rep, I strive to ensure that all players are aware of all Gotham information and events. I would also ensure that everyone is comfortable sharing any comments or concerns regarding the power program in a non-judgemental environment.

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