Membership Policy FAQ

Summary of the Gotham Volleyball Membership Policy

As part of Gotham’s Strategic Planning Process,  in 2016, the Board of Directors passed a policy regarding Gotham’s membership structure.

If you aren’t playing in Division Play, PowerPlay, or an individual Power class, and want to join Gotham, you can sign up here.

As quick as possible — tell me what this membership policy is all about?

Sure.  Most people become members of Gotham automatically by paying dues for Division Play or an individual or Team Power class (including PowerPlay). However, you can still become a member of Gotham even if you don’t play in Division Play, PowerPlay or an individual or Team Power class.  Anyone can join for a year (October 1-September 30) by paying a $35 fee.  That means you  can be on the list for the End of Season Party, vote for Gotham Board members, bylaws changes, serve in Gotham Leadership, etc.  However, if you play in Division Play and/or Power class for a full season at any point that year, the $35 is waived and you are automatically a member for that year.  You never have to pay it in the first place, and if you did, it’s credited back to you.

So — If you play a full season Division Play, PowerPlay an individual Power class (A-E or W), or a Team Power class, membership is automatically granted through the following September 30.  If you are not those programs, you can join by paying a $35 membership fee, and your membership will last from October 1 until September 30.

If you’re interested, here’s the actual policy (its not too long).

If you aren’t playing in Division Play, PowerPlay, or an individual or Team Power class and want to become a member, here’s the page to sign up.

I am playing a full season Division Play and/or an individual or Team Power Class this season.  How does this affect me?

It won’t affect you at all.  You are automatically become a member from October 1-September 30 when you pay your Division Play, PowerPlay and/or individual or Team Power dues.  Your membership fee is waived.  We did this specifically because we got member feedback that was supportive of a new membership policy, but didn’t want a change in how people currently pay for membership.  So we listened and made our policy work like that.

What happens if I don’t play this Fall, and pay a membership fee, then decide to play in the Spring?

If you don’t play in the fall, and pay a $35 membership fee, and then play a full season of Division Play, PowerPlay and/or an individual or Team Power class in the Spring (or Summer), your $35 is CREDITED toward your Division Play, PowerPlay and/or Power dues for the Spring.  Basically, if you play in any of the programming that confers membership, Gotham doesn’t keep the fee at all.  So its really no cost to join as a member in the Fall, if you think you might play in the Spring.

Why did we create this membership policy in the first place?

One of the issues that our organization has struggled with over the years is who is a “member of Gotham.” This makes everything clear.  We have lots of Gotham alumni and family who would like to be more involved, but don’t (or can’t) play in our Division Play and/or Power programs.  We want to get them involved. We also want people who are, say, injured for a season or two to stay a part of our organization.  This will accomplish that, without changing the member experience for those who do partake in our Division Play and/or Power Programs.

This policy allows Gotham to address several issues – it helps streamline the partial season dues calculation; it will make clear who is a member; it will allow our alumni to stay engaged after they stop participating in our major volleyball programs and hopefully create a stronger alumni presence in our organization.

What does “membership” include anyway?

The value of membership will be, among other things, (1) a place in the organization and to serve in the leadership if desired; (2) a relevant vote for Gotham wide issues; and participation in other Gotham programming.

I am not in Division Play, PowerPlay and/or an individual or Team Power class this season, and want to become a member?  How does this work?

Easy.  You just pay a $35 fee.  And you’re all set from October 1 until the following September 30.  The dues are non-refundable, but, as we discussed above, if you do wind up playing in Division Play and/or an individual Power class, you’ll get it credited back to you.

So why not sign up now, click here!

What if I join a season already in progress.  Do I get my dues waived?

Unfortunately not, you’d still need to pay the $35 membership fee.  But if you do play in a full season at some point in that membership year, your $35 will be credited back to you.

What about Open Plays and Tournaments?

Only season-long programs convey membership.  So participating in an Open Play or Tournament does not convey membership.  If you are only playing in these Gotham programs, you don’t HAVE to join, but we hope you will!

All set?  Want to become a member? CLICK HERE!

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