Levels of Open Play

Current Gotham players may participate in any Open Play that matches their current Division, Power class, or NAGVA rating (applicable to those who are rated BB).

NAGVA BB or higher players who do not meet the above requirements must attend only Advanced Open Plays

Players who do not meet the above requirements are permitted to attend their first Open Play at the level they see fit. At its completion, the Gotham Leader on Duty (GLOD) may suggest a more appropriate level for future Open Plays. This will be recorded in the GLOD report to determine eligibility for that season.

For more information on Gotham’s Levels of Play, please see our Levels of Division Play page.

For any questions regarding eligibility, please contact [email protected]. We use these eligibility rules in order to keep spots available to players for whom the event was designed, and to maintain the level of play. If you register for an open play for which you are not eligible, then your registration will be canceled and refunded.

Gotham Volleyball Open Plays are run by Gotham’s Tournaments and Open Play Leadership Group.  If you have any questions about Open Plays, e-mail [email protected]

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