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Gotham membership for 2019-2020 is now Open!  Not playing in Division Play, PowerPlay, or an individual Power class (A-E or W) this season?  Just a supporter, friend, partner, alumni or part of the extended Gotham family?  We want you involved as a member of Gotham!  For $35, you can purchase a membership until October 2020.  Membership will allow you free admission to our End of Season Parties (an $80 value right there), voting in Gotham elections and on Gotham issues, regular Gotham updates and activities, and other benefits!  If you play a full season of Division Play or individual Power later in the year, we’ll credit the $35 right back to you!   So why not stay connected?  Get your Gotham membership today by filling out the form below!  (If you need more information first, check out our FAQ page.)

ImportantThis form is only for those who want to be Gotham members and are not in Division Play, PowerPlay, and/or an individual Power class (A-E or W) this season.  If you are playing a full season of Division Play, PowerPlay, and/or individual Power this season, please do not fill out this form.  Thanks!

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