Levels of Division Play

Fall and Spring Divisions

Our Fall and Spring seasons have 11 Divisions covering all levels of play. When choosing which divisions to tryout for, you should consider the level of play, system of play used, and the schedule.

Weeknight Divisions:

DivisionLevelScheduleNAGVA rating
Division 1AdvancedThursdays 7-11PMBB, A, or AA
Division 2AdvancedThursdays 7-11PMMostly BB, some B
Division 3High IntermediateThursdays 7-11PMMostly B, some BB
Division 4IntermediateThursdays 7-11PMB

Weekend Divisions:

DivisionLevelScheduleNAGVA rating
Division 5High InternediateSaturdays 1-5PMMostly B, some BB
Division 6Low IntermediateSaturdays 1-5PMB
Division 7Low IntermediateSaturdays 5-9PMMostly n/a, some B
Division 8Advanced BeginnerSaturdays 5-9PMn/a
Division 9Advanced BeginnerSaturdays 1-5PMn/a
Division 10Advanced BeginnerSaturdays 5-9PMn/a
Division 11BeginnerSaturdays 10:30AM-1PMn/a

Systems of play: while ultimately up to each team, different divisions use different systems of play. In order to play safely, you need to know and follow the respective system of play.

DivisionsSystem of play expectations
Divisions 1-7Knowledge of 6-2 and 5-1 systems of play
Divisions 8-10Knowledge of different roles on the court
Division 11None; come ready to have fun!

Help! I’m new to Gotham, what level should I try out for?

The only hard and fast rule is comes from safety: do not tryout for Division 8 or higher unless you have previous volleyball experience and know at least the 6-2 system of play used at tryouts. We also suggest a number of guidelines below.

If you are new to the sport: consider Division 11 or start with PowerPlay. Sometimes those new to the game are selected for Division 10 and, rarely, Division 9. We strongly encourage you to not include Division 8 or higher. Note that you can’t do both Division Play and PowerPlay.

If you are NAGVA or USAV rated, or know where you’d fit in their rating system: follow the guidelines above. But note that NAGVA’s lowest rating is B so, if you felt out of place in those tournaments, you should start with Division 7 or lower.

If you played at a college level (NCAA and NCVF): you should tryout for Divisions 1 and 2. This applies to competitive, intercollegiate volleyball. This does not include clubs and intramural competitions, where levels vary widely.

If you have played very competitive intramural volleyball or high levels of other adult leagues: You should consider Divisions 1 through 6, depending on the level of competition in your other volleyball experience. For example, if you play in other adult recreational leagues and play in a Men’s/Women’s Level 1 or 2, you will fit somewhere in Gotham Divisions 1 through 3. If you play in Men’s/Women’s 3 or 4, you will fit in Gotham Divisions 3 through 6.

If you have played intramural volleyball or middle to low co-ed levels in other adult amateur or recreational leagues: You should consider Divisions 6 through 11, depending on your prior level of play. If you played at beginner/advanced beginner levels in other leagues, or just for fun intramural volleyball, you should try out for Division 9 or lower. If you played at intermediate levels, you should consider Divisions 6 through 8.

These are not rules, just guidelines. You should tryout for all divisions you feel comfortable with, with one exception: do not tryout for Division 8 or above unless you have previous volleyball experience know the systems of play, which will be used during tryouts.

Remember to include all Divisions that you feel comfortable playing in. The more Divisions you tryout for, the more you are likely to get selected for a team!

If you have further questions, please contact [email protected].

Summer Divisions

Our Summer season is shorter and has only 4 Divisions. Only those playing in Divisions 7 through 11 and PowerPlay in the preceding Spring are eligible.

DivisionLevelScheduleNAGVA rating
Division ALow IntermediateThursdays 7-11PMMostly n/a, some B
Division BAdv. Beg./ Low Int.Wednesdays 7-11PMn/a
Division CAdvanced BeginnerTuesdays 7-11PMn/a
Division DBeginnerMondays 7-11PMn/a

Summer Divisions typically do not use advanced systems of play. For Divisions A/B, your teammates will expect you to know your role on the court (setter, hitter, etc.). For Divisions C/D, your teammates will expect you to come ready to have fun!

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