Run For The Gotham Board

Make a difference!  Run for the Gotham Board!

Ever wanted to join the Gotham Board of Directors?  Now is the time!!!  We are currently looking for interested members who want to serve as members of the Board.  We will be electing Division Representatives (one from each division) and three Power Representatives (one from Saturday/Monday classes, one from Sunday classes, and one from any class).  Being on the Board is a big responsibility and time commitment, but a great way to give back to Gotham and get more influence over how the organization is run.  You are the primary person in charge of managing your Division or class day, and in addition to that, you are also expected to attend monthly Board meetings, help out with all Gotham-wide events (tryouts, end of season party, etc.) and serve on Board committees.   In exchange, you get a lot of say as to how Gotham is run and help guide the organization.  Board members also get their dues waived.  If you have any questions or want to know more about the position, speak to your current representatives or e-mail [email protected]

To sign up: e-mail [email protected] by Sept. 20 at 9 PM for Divisions 1-4 and Sept. 29 at 9 PM for Divisions 5-10 and all Power Reps.  In your e-mail, please include your name, position you are running for, and a maximum 250-word statement about why you want the position (to be posted on the ballot).

A few quick notes:  You can only sign up to run if you play in the Division or Power Class in the Fall 2012 season and only for one position at a time (for example, if you do league and power, you can only sign up to run for Division Rep OR one of the Power Rep positions, but not both).  Please wait until you have been selected for your Division or Power Class before e-mailing in.  If there is more than one candidate for a position, we will be running an election by e-mail survey on September 21 (D1-4 Reps) or September 29 (D7-10/Power Reps), so keep an eye out for that e-mail.  If you have any questions, e-mail [email protected].

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