Get Involved as a Gotham Leader

Get Involved!

Join us at our virtual Get Involved event on April 21

If you’re interested in Gotham Leadership, come to our Get Involved! information event on Wednesday, April 21 at 7:00 PM to learn more about volunteering for Gotham leadership.  You’ll hear from current leaders and have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

What Leadership positions are available this Spring?

Right now, we have some great opportunities for both new leaders and experienced leaders to get involved with challenging and rewarding positions.  Some Gotham Leadership positions are appointed, and some are elected by the membership.

Appointed Positions

We will be appointing the following leadership positions this Spring:

  • Vice President for Training
  • Vice President for Division Play
  • Vice President for Activities and Outreach
  • Members of the Activities and Outreach Leadership Group
  • Members of the Tournaments and Open Play Leadership Group
  • Members of Board Committees (Operations, Communications, Elections/Nominations, Finance, Grievance, Diversity and Inclusion, Governance)
  • Members of Board Working Groups
  • Grievance Officer

If you’re new to Gotham leadership and looking to get your feet wet, consider a position on a Board committee, Board working group, or a Leadership Group.  For more details keep reading the next section. If you’re an experienced leader looking to take on even more responsibility, consider applying for Leadership Group positions or one of the Vice President coordinator positions.

To sign up for any of these appointed positions, fill out this form (link will be provided when the application period opens).  

Elected Positions

Four “at-large” seats of the Board of Directors will be elected this Spring.  Some of these positions will be vacant, meaning we are looking for experienced and dedicated Gotham leaders to join the Board. To sign up to run for one of these Board seats, fill out this form (link will be provided when the application period opens).

The other positions on the Board (President, Secretary, Treasurer) are not up for election until next Spring.

Can you tell me more about these roles?

Sure!  We have appointed positions for both experienced Gotham leaders, and those who are totally new to Gotham leadership.

Leadership Groups (For New and Experienced Leaders)

There are 4 groups — Division Play, Training, Activities and Outreach, and Tournaments and Open Play.  The first two groups, Division Play and Training, are elected during the fall while we are playing volleyball.  But the other two will be appointed this Spring.

  • The Activities and Outreach Leadership Group is responsible for all of Gotham’s social and community outreach programming, such as Season Parties, AIDS Walk, Sangria Showdown, fundraisers, Coming Out Week, the Pride March etc. and is made up of anyone who is interested in helping out with this kind of programming.
  • The Tournaments and Open Play group is responsible for all Gotham volleyball-based programming other than Division Play and Training. This includes open plays, Friendship Tournaments, Gotham-sponsored NAGVA tournaments (Big, Green and Golden Apple) and Gotham tournaments (Spring Fling and Green Apple).  This group is also made up of members who want to help out with these programs.  Participation in these groups, especially the Activities and Outreach & Tournaments and Open Play groups is perfect for new Gotham leaders looking to get involved.

Board Committees/Working Groups (For New and Experienced Leaders)

The Board also has a number of committees that make important decisions and do important work for Gotham — Elections & Nominations, Operations, Communications,  Grievance, Governance, Finance, Diversity and Inclusion).

  • Elections & Nominations is the committee that, in the future, will be in charge of finding and selecting new and experienced leaders for all positions.
  • Operations is in charge of reserving facilities for Gotham’s use, and coordinate our use of all of those facilities.
  • Communications is in charge of all of our communications, including the e-mail newsletter, the website, and our social media presence.
  • Finance oversees the Gotham budgets, member dues rates, etc.
  • Grievance handles disputes that arise in Gotham.  For the most part, these disputes are either a member who wants an exception to Gotham’s “no-refunds” policy or an issue of sportsmanship that arise between members of Gotham.  These disputes tend to be very personal in nature, so we really look for people with good interpersonal and mediation skills to serve on this committee.
  • Diversity and Inclusion  — Focusing on policies to bring increased diversity and ensure a feeling of inclusion in our Gotham community and in our leadership.
  • Governance — Work to ensure Gotham is properly running as a non-profit organization, enforcing standards for leadership, periodically review and ensure compliance with Gotham’s mission, strategic plan and and plan the organization’s future.

There are other groups that may be formed throughout the year.  You don’t have to be a member of the Board to serve on these committees or working groups, so participation is perfect for new leaders who are interested in any of these areas.

Vice Presidents (Appointed Positions For Experienced Leaders)

For experienced leaders, we have three challenging coordinator positions, the Vice President for Division Play, Vice President for Training, and Vice President for Activities and Outreach.  The Vice Presidents will run the various Leadership Groups, and coordinate between these groups and the Board of Directors.  These positions a lot of commitment, attention to detail, and solid communication, planning, and organizational skills.  The time commitment is pretty big — expect at least 10-20 hours of work per week. These positions are the only ones that have to go to both Board meetings and Leadership Group meetings.  Also, experience with the Gotham leadership structure is essential to success in these positions, so that’s why we say these positions are for experienced leaders.

Directors (Elected Positions For Experienced Leaders)

We are electing four Directors to the the Board of Directors.  These are also heavy commitments with high expectations of the amount of time and efforts you can give.  Knowledge of Gotham, its goals, and its challenges are essential to participation in the Board, so that’s why we say these seats are for experienced leaders.  We strongly recommend you speak with a Board member or e-mail [email protected] with questions to learn more about these positions before running for them.

I still have questions — what should I do?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have.  Please e-mail [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!  But don’t miss deadlines!  If you’re interested in positions, please don’t forget to apply or e-mail as soon as possible.

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