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Gotham Election Results

Election Results

We are pleased to announce the results of the election for Spring 2020 Captains for Divisions 1-11. Thank you to all who are interested in serving as Gotham Leaders, as well as those who served as Team Captains this past season.  Congratulations to those who won!

Here are the results:

Spring 2020 Team Captains

Important Notes About These Results:  (1) In order to be elected an alternate, a candidate needed to receive at least 1/8 of the votes.  Any candidate that was not elected as an alternate because s/he did not receive the minimum number of votes is not listed.  (2) The names of captains and, where there are more than two alternates, all alternates other than first alternates are in alphabetical order, not order of finish.   If any candidate is interested in where s/he finished in the order of captains or alternates, or if you have any questions about the results, please contact [email protected].  (3) Where indicated, ties were broken by a random drawing.  Alternates who are involved in ties have an asterisk next to their names. Candidates involved in ties will be contacted about when and how the drawing will take place, and will be invited to attend.

Division 1

Captains: Joey Fuentes, Kryon Grant, Aaron Katzman, Eric Lodde, Jorge Palomares, Gregorie Romulus, Christian Torres, Kyle Williams

First Alternate: Matthew Amys

Second Alternate: David Martinez

Division 2

Captains: Andre Carneiro, Wasu Chankheaw, Nick Halkias, Ivan Luque, Ron Medina, Melvin Punzalan, Roy Rivera, Manny Serrano

First Alternate: David Torres-McConnell

Other Alternates (Alphabetical): Nestor Lara-Baeza*, Alec Troxell, Clif Wallace*

Division 3

Captains: Eric Alcantara, Alan Amechazurra, Royce Bugarin, Deonne Francisco, Edgar Lazaro, Chris Penzien, Abishek SM, Richard Tucker

First Alternate: Joel Russell

Division 4

Captains: Barry Brown, Albert Chan, DJ Dyce, Pete Gouvitsas, Doug Morris, Ramone Nazario, Ryan Ramirez, Jorge Ruiz

First Alternate: Jason Shaw

Division 5

Captains: Carlos Burgos, Andrew Ibendahl, Phillip Lewis, Matt Keller, Eric Ma, Ricardo Matsumoto, Brent Terry, Will West

First Alternate: Bradley Schleyer

Division 6

Captains: Mikey Castro, Rolan Flournoy, Andrew Gandy, Brady Ginn, Sid He, Evan Henke, Kyle (Kiki) O’Donnell, Adrian Torres

First Alternate: Joe Eletto

Second Alternate: Don Lee

Division 7

Captains: Alex Breton, Joe Colello, Daniel de la Torre, Andrew Dowdye, Will Schwartz, Ron Solis, Parker Unruh, Neil Wang

First Alternate: Enzhuang Wang

Other Alternates (Alphabetical): Zach Burnett, Austin Joyner, Michael MIrpuri, Zaldy Santos

Division 8

Captains: Jonathan Cordero*, Lloyd Fider, Anthony Fontanello, Omar Hameen, Kevin Hickey, Brian Mateo, Dominic Paolillo, Kristofer Pistillo

First Alternate: Joey Cinque*

Other Alternates (Alphabetical): Tyler Fields, Paul Martinkovic, James Montas*, Brian Orosz, Frederick Zindell*

Division 9

Captains: Alandy Bautista, Patrick Callahan, Peter DeCaro*, Eric Eichenholtz, Jonathan Liao, Felipe Nascimento, Amy Santiago, Aniru Thomas

First Alternate: Angel Bellon*

Second Alternate: Chris Ng

Division 10

Captains: Mika Ayunan, Gregory Fratellone, Joe Mignano, Heath Morgan, Tim Shin, Keith Stewart, Leonardo Velandia, David Whitman

First Alternate: Tim O’Keeffe

Other Alternates (Alphabetical): Chris Bustamante*, Nick Falzone, Alex Zhaz*

Division 11

Captains: CJ Chen, George Fowler-Brady, Marc Jenkinson, Max Steinman, Dennis Sz, Will Tock

First Alternate: Jason Calomadre

Other Alternates (Alphabetical): Daniel Pazmino, Jason Tirado-Adoniz

If interested, alternates listed in alphabetical order can e-mail [email protected] to find out their order of finish.

Questions?  Issues?

Please e-mail [email protected].