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Gotham Candidate Forum: Division 9

Gotham Candidate Forum: Division 9

Players in Division 9 will be voting to elect a new Division Representative from October 6 through 5 PM on October 9. If you play in Division 9 and have and do not receive a ballot after 1 PM on October 6, please e-mail [email protected]

Below, please find the candidate profile of the candidate for Division 9 Representative:  Patrick Callahan.

Patrick Callahan

Patrick has participated in Gotham for more than 5 years.

Q: Please describe your prior Gotham volunteer and/or leadership experience, if any.

A: I’ve served as the division 9 representative for a number of years, and a captain in D9 for most of that time, as well.

Q: Why are you interested in a Gotham Leadership position?

A: Gotham is how I’ve met a lot of the people I like and hang out with in NYC. It’s made a city that can seem big and overwhelming, feel like a community. My goal is to keep the community spirit alive in D9, and Gotham in general.

Q: What qualities would you bring as a Gotham Leader and, in particular, the position you are running for?

A:I have some experience serving as the division rep, but anyone can pick up experience over time. More importantly, I think I treat the teams and players fairly, celebrating wins and commiserating losses whether or not they were my own. I do need to get a little more active in the D9 captain’s chat, though.

Q: What do you wish to accomplish if elected?

A:I think that for the most part, we have a good thing going in D9, and I don’t want to change that. The level of play, the camaraderie during and after the match, the post-play shenanigans are all things I love about D9 and want to see continue.