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Gotham Candidate Forum: Division 4

Gotham Candidate Forum: Division 4

Players in Division 4 will be voting for Fall 2019 Captains and Team All Stars.  The election will be held from May 5 at noon through 5 PM on May 8. If you play in Division 4 and have and do not receive a ballot after 1 PM on May 5, please e-mail [email protected]

Below, please find the profiles for all Captain Candidates for Division 4.  The profiles are maintained in random order:

Ryan Ramirez — I am a proud Division 4 player and would love the opportunity to serve as captain again! I love putting together teams that are fierce, fabulous, and fun, henny! Thank you for your consideration 🙂
Rene Deida — Alan Amechazurra and I invented volleyball in 1876 – so I’ve been playing for a while. Have won many seasons – have lost some seasons. I am fun, caring and PERRA!
Albert Chan — Hello fellow D4 players – I hope you enjoyed the past Spring season. As your division representative, I will continue to pick a fun and competitive team… Thank you for considering me as captain for the next season!! Xie Xie for your vote!!
Chantis Parks — Division 4 volleyball embodies the spirit of camaraderie, competition, commitment, and loyalty. To me, these characteristics are also representative of a great captain. I humbly ask for your vote for D4 captain again as I feel that I hold these 4 characteristics and values close to my heart; if allowed, to serve as captain again, I promise to do everything in my power to keep this spirit alive. On a personal note, I would THANK each of you for committing to elevate the level of play this season as no team secured any particular medal until the VERY LAST MATCH!
Dave Fredericks — I’ve been fortunate enough to put together some incredible teams over the 9 years I’ve played in Gotham. Next season, I aim to put together a diverse team of amazing people who really want to win, have fun, and play with grace and dignity — win or lose 🙂 Can’t wait to make this happen!
Pete Gouvitsas — I have been a part of Gotham for over 8 years. I’ve been on some amazing teams and made great friends. I have enjoyed the last three seasons in Division 4 and would like to run for captain. I would pick a fun and competitive team.
Doug Morris — It was a privilege to represent the men & women of Div 4 as a captain this season. I would like the opportunity to continue to be an advocate for how competitive & fun this division is for another season.
DJ Dyce — My first season being captain was an amazing experience. I would love another opportunity to put together a team that’s not only competitive and cohesive, but slays on and off the court. Plus, EVERYONE lovessssss a good middle as their captain. 😉
Ramone Nazario — Huge fan of Div 4 & its players.
Ramon (Chary) Ariza — I had been play for around 20 years in Gotham Voleyball. I’m team player
Jason Shaw — I’m thrilled to be back in NYC and playing in D4, where I’ve spent most of my 20 Gotham seasons – many of them as captain. My philosophy when it comes to picking teams is to choose players who belong in the division, elevate play and contribute to the Gotham community. On the court, I support my teammates in becoming better players and keep the mood festive. I take captain duties very seriously and charge myself to be an ambassador for the league.
Jorge Ruiz — The greatest game ever 🏐🏐🏐
Barry Brown — I have been a captain for the past 5 seasons…and I truly love it. I am a very laid back, easy-going captain who likes to have a good time. Having fun is essential…winning is a bonus.