COVID-19 Dues Information

Due to the COVID-19 disruption, the Gotham Board approved partial refunds for all league activities that were interrupted mid-season. We want to share more information on how refunds will be processed. For more details, please refer to the FAQ below.

Refund timing: We will start processing refunds on Jun 8 and we expect the process to take the entire month of June. Once we issue your refund, it may take a few days for the amount to be reflect on your PayPal, bank account or credit card statement.

Refund process: No action is required from you, i.e., there is no need to request a refund. If you were part of several Gotham activities, you will receive a separate refund for each and they are likely to come in different days.

Refund waiver: Some members have expressed a heartfelt wish to waive their refund. That can be done by clicking on this link to fill out the waiver form by June 7. Gotham commits to track and report the total amount of waived refunds, and to use these funds to further Gotham’s mission. Note that waived refunds are not credits for future Gotham activities.

Refund amount: For simplicity, we determined a pro-rated cost for each season-long activity that was interrupted by COVID-19. Any amount you paid in excess of that pro-rated cost will be returned to you.

ActivityActivity duesPro-rated costTypical refund amount*
Division Play$145 per player$55 per playerAmount paid minus $55
(in most cases, $90)
Power$230 per player$92 per playerAmount paid minus $92
(in most cases, $138)
Team Power$1300 per team$516 per teamAmount paid minus $516
(in most cases, $784 per team)
Power Play$195 per player$75 per playerAmount paid minus $75
(in most cases, $120)

* The refund amount will be different if you have received a dues waiver, if you were on a payment play, or if other unique circumstances apply. Individuals who received a full dues waiver for their activity are not eligible for a refund.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this unusual process. If you have any questions, you can reach us at [email protected].

We hope you are safe. And we hope to see you soon, hopefully on the court once it’s safe again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Gotham issuing refunds?

A: Without knowing when volleyball will resume, and knowing that COVID has financially impacted many members, we felt it to be the best course of action.

Q: Does that mean the Spring 2020 season is over?

A: Not necessarily. We don’t know right now how reopening volleyball will work. It may be that some volleyball activities can resume before we can have big tryouts. So we’ll preserve the Spring 2020 rosters for now and make a decision when we know more, in consultation with our members.

Q: Does this change Gotham’s refund policy?

A: No. Gotham continues to have a “no refunds” policy. This set of refunds was a response to extraordinary circumstances.

Q: Why not give members a credit for next season or future activities instead?

A: Two reasons. First, and most important, giving a refund now allows each member to decide for themselves how they want to resume volleyball. Second and, more mundane, we don’t have an efficient way to track credits; it’s just cleaner to issue refunds.

Q: Will the refunds put Gotham in a difficult financial position?

A: No. Gotham has operated very responsibly for years, both by generating a modest profit from activities and by being prudent with admin costs. That has built a reserve that allows us to weather disruptions like these. Also, with activities paused, most of Gotham’s expenses are paused too. This aspect of good financial management is something we always keep a close eye on, especially during turbulent times.

Q: What will you do with waived refunds?

A: We don’t know yet, and we’re open to ideas. Having a process to waive refunds is simply a response to members who expressed that wish. We don’t know how many members will waive their refunds but we’re well equipped to track the amount waived and report it back to the membership. As always, we commit to do something that furthers Gotham’s mission. And, as mentioned, waived refunds are not future credits.

Q: Why will refunds take time?

A: For each member in each roster we have to find their PayPal transaction and click a few things to issue a partial refund. That’s approximately 1000 transactions. And, to maintain controls, only a handful of people can access Gotham’s PayPal to process those refunds.

Q: What if I didn’t pay through PayPal?

A: We will still have a record that you paid, e.g., by cash or check. We will reach out to the email on your Gotham profile to confirm the best way to refund you. Please make sure that email address is up-to-date!

Q: How were pro-rated costs and refund amounts calculated?

A: We wanted to keep it as simple and fair as possible. The main factor was the number of weeks played vs. scheduled. Adjustments were made for activities that also have an end-of-season tournament or grant membership. In cases where differences existed across divisions or power classes, we favored the lower pro-rated cost / higher refund amount. Finally, we allowed rounded amounts to streamline transactions.

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