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Gotham Volleyball Committees

Each year Gotham Volleyball Board of Directors forms Committees consisting of Gotham Leaders and other members to focus on specific aspects of Gotham’s operations.  If you have any any questions that pertain to any of these Committees, please contact the Committee Chair.  Below are the Committees for 2019-20, except the Grievance Committee, which can be found here.

Elections and Nominations Committee

Eric Eichenholtz (President, ex-officio) (Chair)
Erik Johnson (Secretary, ex-officio)

Seth Eichenholtz
Joe Mignano
Jacob Rossmer
Erik Heitz
Bryan Hobgood

Finance Committee

Mike Hess (Treasurer, ex-officio), Chair

TBD (Division Play Representative)
TBD (Training Representative)
TBD (Activities & Outreach Representative)
TBD (Tournaments & Open Play Representative)

Lew Smith
Andre Carneiro
Joshua Christensen
Zack Vojt
Ben Plantz
Gabriel Stellar

Ad Hoc Operations Committee

Lew Smith (Co-Chair)
Joe Mignano (Co-Chair)

Leah Hughey
Patrick So
Joe Hemsing
John Rappaport
Jonathan Cordero
Richard Dworkin
Ramsey Merritt
Benjamin Plantz

Ad Hoc Communications Committee

Erik Johnson (Chair)

Max Szadek
Seth Eichenholtz
Erik Johnson
Dan Durkin
Brady Ginn
John Harper
Andy Morris
Henry Mui
Joey Osio
Vincenzo Paulino Badia
William Schwartz
Kenneth Tran
Wacey Turner
William Varner

Ad Hoc Governance Committee

Clovis Thorn (Chair)

Eric Eichenholtz
Seth Eichenholtz
Michael Hess
Erik Johnson
Kyle Williams

Ad Hoc Volunteer Coaching and Player Development Committee

Kyle Williams (Chair)

Board of Directors Working Groups

Website Development

John Wetsell (Chair)

Diversity and Inclusion

Amy Santiago (Chair)

Susan Panzer
Max Szadek
Erik Johnson
Josh Christensen
Alan Amechazurra
Jacob Rossmer
Emmanuel Sterling
Jonathan Cordero
Onri Noel

Preventing Sexual Harassment

Max Szadek
Seth Eichenholtz
Joe Hemsing
Joe Mignano

Strategic Planning

Seth Eichenholtz (Chair)

Eric Eichenholtz (ex-officio)
Lew Smith
Josh Christensen
Erik Johnson
Andre Carneiro
Rafael Perez-Figueora
Ramsey Meritt