Levels of Friendship Tournaments


We offer Friendship Tournaments at 4 different levels. Use the following table (and the detailed eligibility rules below) to determine the appropriate level for you and your team.

Tournament LevelNAGVA ratingGotham DivisionGotham Training
AdvancedBB, A, AADivisions 1-2Power A
High IntermediateDivisions 3-6Power B-C
IntermediateDivisions 7-9Power D-E
NoviceDivisions 10-11PowerPlay

Level-appropriate players who have not played Gotham or NAGVA before are also welcome.

Priority of individual player eligibility

The NAGVA rating is the main qualifying factor. Only NAGVA players rated BB or higher can participate in Advanced Friendship Tournaments. See Up/Down Rule for the only exception below.

Current or former Gotham players who are NAVGA B or unrated should use their most recent Gotham Division / Training level to determine whether they are eligible for High Intermediate, Intermediate, or Novice.

Those who never played Gotham or NAGVA before should attend their first tournament at the level they find appropriate. The Gotham Leader On Duty may confirm that level on site or suggest a more appropriate level going forward. Their input determines the player’s eligibility for the season.

Up/Down Rule

A team can have up to two players whose eligibility is one level higher or one level lower than the tournament at hand.

For example: an Intermediate Friendship Tournament team may have one player who is High Intermediate and one player who is Novice, as long as all other players are eligible for Intermediate.

As another example, an Advanced player may never play an Intermediate Friendship Tournament.

Priority of team eligibility

Teams that fully meet the player eligibility rules of the tournament will have registration priority on a first-come, first served basis.

The Tournament Coordinator will verify eligibility; teams that do not meet the eligibility requirements (even after the Up/Down Rule) will be deemed ineligible and the captain will be informed.

Division Play team exception: If all team members are part of the same Gotham Division Play team, the team will be allowed to play in Friendship Tournaments corresponding to that Division (regardless of NAGVA ratings).


Registration typically opens two Mondays before the tournament date at midnight. The Captain completes the registration form on behalf of the team. Payment and full roster are due the Wednesday before the tournament at 5PM. Fees are not refundable.

Friendship Tournaments open for registration can be found here.

Free Agents

If you don’t have a team (Free Agent) or you are a Captain looking for players, the Facebook group Gotham Team Up is designed to connect players and teams.

Some Friendship Tournaments allow for Free Agent registration. Captains are made aware of those registrations but Gotham cannot ensure that Free Agents will be placed on teams.

Finally, we also recommend that Free Agents consider our Open Play programming, where everyone signs up individually and Gotham makes the teams. You can read about Open Play levels here and you can see what Open Plays are open for registration here.


Reach out to us at [email protected].

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