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Friendship Tournaments Information Page

Gotham hosts weekly Friendship Tournaments during its Fall and Spring seasons.  You can sign up as a team and play a round robin style tournament, just for fun! Similar format to an Open Play, but YOU make your own team.

We offer Friendship Tournaments at 3 different skill levels:

  • ROCK (For NAGVA BB Rated players, unrated players in Gotham Divisions 1-2 or Power A, or level appropriate non-Gotham)
  • PAPER (For players in Gotham Divisions 3-6, Power B-C)
  • SCISSORS (For players in Gotham Divisions 7-10, Power D-E, and PowerPlay)

Priority of Individual Player Eligibility

  • Player’s NAGVA rating is the main qualifying factor. Only NAGVA players rated BB or higher are permitted to participate in Advanced Friendship Tournaments, except in the case of the Up/Down Rule
  • Players without a NAGVA rating or NAGVA rated B who currently participate in Gotham may participate in any Friendship Tournament that matches their current Division or Power status (with the exception of Rock Tournaments), and will determine eligibility for using the Up/Down Rule (Example: A Division 7 player in Power C classes may participate in either Beginning or Intermediate Friendship Tournaments without using the Up/Down Rule)
  • Players without a NAGVA rating who previously participated in Gotham (past three seasons) should base eligibility on their most recent Division or Power status and will determine eligibility for using the Up/Down Rule
  • Players who do not meet the above requirements are permitted to attend their first Friendship Tournament at the level they see fit. At its completion, the Gotham Leader on Duty (GLOD) may suggest a more appropriate level for future Friendship Tournaments. This will be recorded in the GLOD report to determine eligibility for that season
  • For any questions regarding eligibility, please contact [email protected]

Friendship Tournament Up/Down Rule

  • As many as two members of each team may come from a different level than their eligibility
  • Players may only jump one level (i.e. No Advanced level players in Beginner Tournaments and vice versa)
  • Example: An Intermediate level team may contain one Advanced Tournament eligible player and one Beginner Tournament eligible player.

Priority of Team Eligibility

  • Sign ups begin two weeks before Tournament day (typically Sunday) @ 9pm EST
  • Teams that fully meet the player eligibility rules of a given Friendship Tournament will have sign-up priority on a first-come, first-served basis*
  • Teams must provide full roster and payment by Wednesday @ 5pm EST before Tournament day
  • Tournament Coordinator will verify eligibility; teams that do not meet the eligibility requirements after applying the Up/Down rule will be deemed ineligible and the Tournament Coordinator will communicate this to the team captain
  • For any questions regarding eligibility, please contact [email protected]

*Division Team Eligibility Exception

  • If Friendship Tournament team members are all currently on the same Division team, NAGVA ratings will not be considered so the team may play together
  • Team’s Division number will determine Friendship Tournament level

How do I register and pay for a tournament?

Unless otherwise specified in the schedule below, registration for all tournaments typically begins at 9:00 PM TWO Sundays before each tournament.  Once registration opens, your team Captain can register through the online registration system.  Teams must provide full roster and payment by Wednesday @ 5pm EST before Tournament day.  If you wish to register for the Mixer Tournament, a link will appear by the Mixer Tournament on the schedule below once registration opens.

After you register, you must pay for a tournament before your team is confirmed. All Sunday tournaments are $100/team and weekday tournaments are $90/team, unless otherwise specified.  The Mixer Tournament costs $35/pair.

Team Friendship Tournament fees are non-refundable. Mixer Tournament fees are nonrefundable as of 48 hours before the Tournament.

What if I don’t have a team or need more players?

Gotham as a Facebook group, called Gotham Team Up, designed to connect individual players looking for teams with teams looking for players.  If you are interested in playing and don’t have a team, or you need an extra player or two to form a team, we strongly encourage you to connect with other members using the Team Up page.

If you still do not have a team, and would like an opportunity to register individually, you may be able to register for some tournaments as a single player (more info here), or check out Gotham’s popular Open Play programs, which are designed for individual participation.  In Open Play, players register individually and are assigned to teams at the event.  Open Plays are generally available on a weekly basis and are organized by skill level.

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