COVID-19 Safety Reminder


Over the last few weeks, the amount of COVID cases in New York City are on the rise. In order to make participation in Gotham as safe as possible, we wanted to remind everyone of some important steps we all take to help stop the spread of COVID:

1) Notification to Gotham — we request all members who test positive for COVID-19 within 5 days of a Gotham Volleyball event advise the League of the positive result.  You can tell your Team Captain or Division/Power Representative  or you can e-mail the information directly to [email protected].  We rely on all of you to report in so that we can advise other members who may have been exposed so they can get tested.

 2) Notification to Members — when Gotham learns of a COVID positive result, members who may have been exposed will be notified using the team/match information vs. using names (in order to protect folks medical privacy).  If you are notified of a potential exposure, we strongly recommend that you get tested! 

3) Multiple exposures at events — Under Gotham’s safety protocols, if there are multiple positive tests reported from more than two participants in a Division/Power class, the next instances of that Division/Power class will be postponed.  Fortunately, thus far, we have not had a multiple exposure event but wanted to remind everyone of this protocol.

4) Health Screens — Members are required to fill out the DOE Health Screen before each Gotham event.  As a reminder, anyone who cannot pass the health screen is not permitted to attend Gotham events. 

Looking forward to a safe and healthy end of the season. Feel free to check out the Return to Play section for any additional COVID-19 Updates.


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