Introducing Gotham Trivia!


Here’s something fun you and your team can participate in while we take a break from meeting on the court: Gotham Trivia!

Starting Monday, March 16, a new question will be posted right here on this page each day at 8:00 AM. Only one entry per team is required, so chat with your team to discuss the answer, then one person can submit the team’s response. The groups competing are as follows:
– Division Play and Power Play: 1 team will be awarded.
– Power Class (A-E, W): 1 class be awarded.
– Team Power B, BB, A: 1 team will be awarded.
– Team “I’m taking a season off”: 1 player will be awarded.
– Team “Gotham Alumni/Retiree”: 1 player will be awarded.

The first answer submitted on behalf of a team shall be the team’s official and only accepted answer, subsequent answers will be discarded. Ties shall be broken by whichever answers were submitted first. Answers can be submitted up to midnight each day. This 12-question challenge will end on Friday, March 27.

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