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Introducing Gotham Trivia!


Here’s something fun you and your team can participate in while we take a break from meeting on the court: Gotham Trivia!

Starting Monday, March 16, a new question will be posted right here on this page each day at 8:00 AM. Only one entry per team is required, so chat with your team to discuss the answer, then one person can submit the team’s response. The groups competing are as follows:
– Division Play and Power Play: 1 team will be awarded.
– Power Class (A-E, W): 1 class be awarded.
– Team Power B, BB, A: 1 team will be awarded.
– Team “I’m taking a season off”: 1 player will be awarded.
– Team “Gotham Alumni/Retiree”: 1 player will be awarded.

The first answer submitted on behalf of a team shall be the team’s official and only accepted answer, subsequent answers will be discarded. Ties shall be broken by whichever answers were submitted first. Answers can be submitted up to midnight each day. This 12-question challenge will end on Friday, March 27.

Congratulations to the Winners!

Team Division Play
First Place: Division 9 Team 8
Second Place: Division 10 Team 3
Third Place: Division 11 Team 2

Power Class
First Place: Power D
Second Place: Power W
Third Place: Power E

Team Power Class
First Place: E! True Volleyball Story
Second Place: Snaxxx
Third Place: Swagaricans

“Off This Season”
First Place: Andrew Wong
Second Place: Ruth Valenzuela

Gotham Alumni
First Place: Omar Portillo

Questions and Answers…

Question 1
Submitted by Heriberto Estrada
Gotham Volleyball was founded in 1981 but it wasn’t until 1989 that it split from MCAA. What did MCAA stand for? Metropolitan Community Athletic Association.

Question 2
Submitted by Seth Eichenholtz:
In 2009, Gotham held a logo design contest where Gotham members were invited to submit proposed logos. The Board chose 4 finalists, and the members selected the Gotham logo that we’ve used since then. Of these four logos, which was the Gotham logo we used prior to our current one (from 2000-2009)? Answer: C

Question 3
Submitted by Eric Eichenholtz
Place the Divisions in the order they were created.
Answer:   1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 5, 9, 10, PowerPlay, 11

Question 4
Submitted by Joe Hemsing
Since Gotham was founded in 1981, we have only skipped, or, taken “off” 1 season. What was the reason?
A) Not enough players
B) Facility Issues
C) Financial Issues
D) Weather/Natural Disaster

Question 5
Submitted by Max Szadek:
Since 2009, how much money has Gotham Volleyball raised for AIDS Walk NYC?
A) $70,000
B) $80,000
C) $90,000
D) $100,000

Question 6
Submitted by Josh Christensen:
Who was the Gotham President (commissioner) that commissioned Gotham’s AIDS Quilt?
A) Steve Harvey
B) Frank Santoro
C) Tom Hack
D) Ricky Middleton

Question 7
Submitted by Seth Eichenholtz:
The Gotham Board meets every other year (or so) to brainstorm ideas and create a strategic plan for Gotham. Which of the following major parts of today’s Gotham did NOT come from this planning process:
A) Gotham’s Mission Statement (“To improve the quality of life for LGBTQ Individuals by building community through the sport of volleyball.”)
B) The PowerPlay Program
C) The “Skills Based” tryout
D) Registering through the Gotham website

Question 8
Submitted by Joe Hemsing
Since its founding in 1981, 21 people have served as Gotham’s President/Commissioner. Who was the only one to serve nonconsecutive terms? Answer:  “Lew Smith”

Question 9
Submitted by Eric Eichenholtz
Which Division 9 Captain was the first ever Spring Fling Rookie Of the Year?
A) Amy Santiago
B) Patrick Callahan
C) Jonathan Liao
D) Eric Eichenholtz

Question 10
Submitted by Joe Hemsing
Assuming you have 100% attendance in a Power class that has a roster of 30, how many volleyballs are needed to do the “Lub-Dub” drill?
A) 15
B) 4
C) 0
D) 30

Question 11
Submitted by Patrick So
What Year was the first Big Apple Tournament?
A) 1981
B) 1983
C) 1990
D) 1991

Question 12
Submitted by Joe Hemsing
Do the MATH! Solve this Gotham equation. Remember: “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally!”
(G + O – T) ÷ HA x (M + V) + B =
G = The year Gotham was founded
O = The maximum number of points you can score in a game
T = The number of seconds you are allowed for your serve
H = The number of Divisions in 2011
A = The number of front row players in a 6-2 system
M = The minimum number of players need to not forfeit a game
V = The score recorded for the WINNING team in a double forfeit set
B = The maximum time of a game (minutes)
These all apply to division play, in a regular season game
Answer: “27”
(G + O – T) ÷ HA x (M + V) + B
(1981 + 27 – 8) ÷ 103 x (4 + 1) + 17
(2000) ÷ 1000 x (5) + 17
2 x 5 + 17
10 + 17

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