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Message from Gotham’s President Regarding Gotham’s Policy Against Sexual Harassment and Abuse


Dear Gotham:

Our mission is to build community through the sport of volleyball. For many of us, Gotham is an extended family of friends and competitors, where we come together every week to play and socialize in a safe and welcoming environment. In that light, and given the current climate, the Gotham Board recently updated our Sportsmanship and Anti-Violence Policy to make it explicit that sexual harassment and abuse is counter to our mission and is not tolerated within the Gotham community. These updates are effective immediately.  Continue to read this post for more information.

Here are some key points about the updates:

  • The updated policy explains in greater detail that any improper conduct at Gotham events, including “off the court” conduct involving Gotham, can be brought to our attention and addressed.
  • The updated policy also details our existing policy that prohibits sexual harassment, provides an avenue for victims or witnesses of this conduct to speak up, and provides a procedure for addressing the incident formally or informally, as appropriate.
  • Instances of sexual abuse are considered acts of violence. If a member engages in sexually abusive behavior and it is reported, that member will be suspended until such time as the Gotham leadership determine it’s appropriate for the member to return.
  • The updated policy emphasizes that Gotham leaders and others in positions of power, such as officials, captains, paid and volunteer coaches, are expected to exemplify the values of Gotham in their behavior.
  • Gotham is an organization that helps create healthy social relationships and the updated policy speaks to this important aspect of Gotham by making clear that forming consensual relationships of all kinds are permitted, including sexual relationships.

You can read our bylaws and policies in full here:

We understand that these issues can be challenging ones to discuss and we are committed to empowering those who wish to speak up about these issues. Hearing from our membership is the only way we can address instances of improper conduct that take place within our community. To the extent any members have experienced or witnessed any sexual harassment or abuse during their Gotham experience, we encourage you to let us know by emailing [email protected]whenever you are comfortable to do so. It is also important to remember that our policies are not intended to replace any legal actions that may be necessary, including reporting incidents of potential criminal conduct to the police, if appropriate.

I hope everyone will take the time to review our updated Sportsmanship and Anti-Violence Policy and continue to make Gotham a safe community for all members.

Trevor Cano
Gotham Volleyball

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