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Gotham Volleyball’s March Madness — Benefiting the Gotham AIDS Walk Team

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This year’s Gotham Volleyball’s “March Madness” (for AIDS WALK NYCprogramming focuses on fighting the stigma of HIV and AIDS. We chose the theme: ‘The Emerald City’ from the film classic, ‘Wizard of Oz’ to help bring to the life this purpose for our members. It’s true that many of us have had to journey down our very own ‘yellow brick roads’ from different parts of the globe before arriving at Rustin. Once here, we found our hearts, our brains and our courage to be who we are in spite of the many witches real or imagined that we have encountered.  And for us, Gotham Volleyball has become our ‘home’ – a place somewhere over the rainbow where magical, wonderful friendships, romances and memories are made.  These same experiences aptly apply to our members living with HIV/AIDS. They are a part of our community and our legacy and we are proud to be their ‘Emerald City.’ a place we they can find comfort, support and encouragement.
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